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  1. Hi. Was recently given one of these B7 jackets by a family member, it came with a pair of A3 trousers. Neither they or myself knew much about such, they just know I collect Militaria. So I've been trying to research some info about these pieces. (I don't collect WW2 items). Going to list each the jacket and trousers for sale, however wanted to share a few photos of the jacket here as additional reference as to the type. Definitely an interesting piece. Duffy
  2. P-E Thanks for typing such a detailed explanation about your theory. I do see where you are coming from, as I try to keep an open mind with things. We both seem to have good points to what we have said.... I'm not exactly sure as to why there doesn't seem to be as many vest covers as there is everything else in this pattern.... Your right about such. As for the black vest that is shown, not positive what it is....but it appears to be a Law Enforcement vest, maybe Swat? Duffy
  3. P-E / bravo 2 zero Guys, I myself have said in an older thread how my vest cover was the same....that it had a white label and the typos, but that it was the real deal. Soon after hearing that there may be several repros of this stuff, I felt that maybe the vest cover I had was no different, and that it might have been a repro as well. I guess that might also be why I paid so little for it, compared to the prices I paid for the blouse and helmet cover that I had. As for Sgt. Hulka selling these vest covers with labels having typos....not sure what to say because he sells pretty leg
  4. P-E I was just trying to help you out. Obviously, we see things different and that is fine, this is a forum after all....we are here to debate. I don't have pictures of the T-Pattern I had, unfortunately I never took any photographs. For the helmet cover, yes....the info. on the inside should be printed in white. Do I speak French? Sorry...but I don't. There isn't a whole lot of reference about these urban vest covers we are speaking of here, and yes...maybe, they were manufactured with regular - desert vest cover labels....sure. I for some reason, just don't see
  5. P-E If you feel that your vest cover is legit, then thats the way you feel. I have learned additional info. about these vest covers from the forum here, as at one time I thought the one I had years ago was a legit one. I figured that yes, it did have a white label which did seem odd, and a simple typo in the description on the label....but, what could be wrong with the piece, everything else looked great? Unfortunately, I was wrong. MOUT pieces, such as the blouse / trousers / and vest cover...were all manufactured with the same type of labels found in bdu's and dcu's.....
  6. P-E Your PASGT vest cover is unfortunately, not an original. If you look at the label, you will notice it says " Camouflage Pattern: Desert ". There is another existing thread on this I believe, you should take a look..... Maybe somebody else remembers the link and can post it here? Duffy
  7. Quite an interesting jacket.....can't say I've ever seen or heard of such before. As for the UK and Canada sizing....not sure, but cannot recall Canadian Forces using anything like it. Maybe it's a commercial piece or a contract piece of some type? Duffy
  8. Duffy


    I haven't really thought of this before to be honest, as I don't deal with USAF items....but is there any regulation as to which chest pocket on a DCU blouse, a pocket patch should be on? Left side / Right side.... Duffy
  9. I thought it was worth watching at least, as it was a Military based movie....but overall, I wasn't really impressed. Duffy
  10. Mercenary25 Yes, there are ones with metal snaps, these are of later manufacture. Most of the ones on the market are not M1967's with plastic snaps...they are the ones with metal snaps, as in this case with the 1973 and 1974 dates of manufacture. This is similar in comparison to the OG Nylon compass / dressing pouch.......if you have two in your hand, but both are extremely washed out and no nomenclature is present, you can tell the difference between an M1967 piece and a later model, by the snap. Duffy
  11. otter42 As MattD has mentioned, if it has plastic snaps...then it is from the Vietnam era. You have an M1967 grenade vest.....you picked up a nice find, despite it having no label. As to your question about whether or not the ones with plastic snaps are early....yes, they are. Hope this is of help. Duffy
  12. D.A.T. Thanks for mentioning this website. I just checked it out and it appears there are quite a few interesting and valuable films /newsreels. Duffy
  13. FNG... Very cool....thanks for sharing. Duffy
  14. Here is the trailer incase anyone wishes to see what the movie looks like.... Duffy
  15. I watched it about a year ago and thought it was a fairly good movie. Duffy
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