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  1. This is my favorite of the three pieces of trench art I own. 301st Tank Battalion. British 6-pounder.
  2. Found this one today for $25 with a canteen. Airstress Midland 1944. Respectable condition and will go well with my 1944 Collette. Very hard to find these 1944 covers.
  3. Thanks for posting.
  4. I was wondering if this is a WWII Smoke Grenade? It’s in a sealed sleeve & I figured the 43 on the lid means 1943? TIA.
  5. All of my M1s, with one or two exceptions, came out of the woodwork. I can’t imagine collecting painted helmets these days.
  6. I agree with everyone above. Put it this way, I don't regret overpaying for any item in my collection(s), but I sure regret cheaping-out and running back to find a collectible I wanted long gone!
  7. What I find more interesting is the issuance of the M4 in ETO. A few years back many still thought it had not seen action there until period photos were posted documenting it.
  8. husk

    Glider pilot

    Thanks! Not sure why I didn't try a basic google search?
  9. husk

    Glider pilot

    I picked up this British-made, US uniform from a local auction house a while back. I was told it had belonged to WWII US glider pilot named Swenson. Can anyone confirm that based on the laundry number in the cap? TIA Husk
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