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  1. All of my M1s, with one or two exceptions, came out of the woodwork. I can’t imagine collecting painted helmets these days.
  2. I agree with everyone above. Put it this way, I don't regret overpaying for any item in my collection(s), but I sure regret cheaping-out and running back to find a collectible I wanted long gone!
  3. What I find more interesting is the issuance of the M4 in ETO. A few years back many still thought it had not seen action there until period photos were posted documenting it.
  4. husk

    Glider pilot

    Thanks! Not sure why I didn't try a basic google search?
  5. husk

    Glider pilot

    I picked up this British-made, US uniform from a local auction house a while back. I was told it had belonged to WWII US glider pilot named Swenson. Can anyone confirm that based on the laundry number in the cap? TIA Husk
  6. I looked at WWII sewing kits online when I was in the same predicament, but they were too pricey, so I ended up cannibalizing one from a hood. At the time I had a bunch of unissued hoods that I found in a surplus store for $1.95.
  7. No, it's kind of a flat black. The two 1969 examples I have are just as you describe with the dark purplish hue. Thanks for the reply.
  8. Just picked up an Ames 1968-dated folding E-tool in unissued condition. The nylon case is dated 1968 as well. I'd read someplace that 1968 was the first year these were made, but I've only seen 1969 or later dated examples. Pleased to have found it for $45.
  9. So you were USAF 23 yrs and Civil Service for 47yrs which makes you around 90 years old. Good on you to still be hitting the flea markets and collecting!
  10. husk

    M1905 Bayonet

    Ok, thank you everyone.
  11. husk

    M1905 Bayonet

    Just picked up a very nice Springfield 1905 Bayonet dated 1920. Which scabbard would be most appropriately for the date, 1920. Modified leather scabbard or fabric? TIA , Husk
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