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  1. Does anyone know whether this is going to be half gun show, half military show like an 2020?
  2. I believe there is a full size one in Llano, Texas. It's a beauty.
  3. Absolutely incredible! Those custom ribbons racks are way too cool...
  4. I said it earlier, but it may have been missed in my original post. Look up the WWII 2nd BOMB GROUP DIs online. They look identical to the one this officer wears on his shoulders. He is 15th Air Force.
  5. I would say 15th Air Force. Many Yugoslav pilots and crew trained and flew missions withthe 15th during the War. The badge with the star is the Royal Yugoslave Air Force Navigator's wing(hence the star). The DIs look to be 2nd Bomb Group. By the way, neat photo!
  6. Neat display of WB ribbons. I have seen tons of WB ribbons and ribbon group and have also never seen a MOH ribbon from this firm. Do you have any British DFC duplicates?
  7. What an outstanding and uncommon group of medals. Nice pick up.
  8. What era are these wings? Korea? Post Korea?
  9. The pinback piece has beautiful patina. Way to go!
  10. Great idea for a thread. I really enjoyed the images. Thanks!
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