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  1. By 'suitable day to investigate' I do hope you mean under cover of darkness with a spade! Show and tell if you find anything will much appreciated by all who follow this thread. AG
  2. Wow its an eerie landscape when flooded Thanks also for the map also showing the 'pitfalls' of parachuting into such a landscape on D-Day, and the history packed into a relatively small area, really puts it into perspective. Enjoy your Sunday Ken AG
  3. Great plane and squadron emblem, seems no end to your tinkering abilities :-) Amazing history in your local fields never ceases to amaze, and shame about your batteries running out the other day, even the landscape shots are lovely to look at. Happy New Year AG
  4. Merry Christmas Ken, and everyone else who adds to this thread. Guess it wouldn't be Christmas without some corny jokes straight out of a cracker :-) And thank you for making it what it is with all your stories, then and now's and shoebox gems! Stay safe everyone, heres to a Happy New 2021 AG
  5. No idea what its for specifically, but I can appreciate the quality, beautifully made item. AG
  6. I'd say its civilian and you're right probably 20s or 30s, of course could've been worn in the military as private purchase I guess, who knows. AG
  7. Prize goes to Bravo 2 Zero, that is awesome AG
  8. Top detective work and even topper recreation, superb War In Peace those were the days 🙂
  9. Blimey I knew that artwork so well as a kid It seems in the original photo the asian guy isn't even wearing tiger stripe top but a French para smock That would be late if indeed it's 1970, no?? Anyway cool, thanks for showing, took me down memory lane AG
  10. Hi Ken, thanks for the update and thankfully it was inert, incredible really what's still to be found. Glad you're there to document it all, Cheers AG
  11. Did you say gardening or grenading? Hard to tell 🙂 AG
  12. OK Garand now I see it, hard to tell without its wooden furniture. Not work related but I enjoy using the machine, making and repairing stuff. Its funny '2020 the year that never was' The Man That Never Was was on TV over here 2 days ago. Keep tinkering on with your projects, its great just watching, love the wysteria as well by the way, and hopefully one day soon we'll all be able to return to some kind of normality. All the best, AG
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