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  1. Hi Ken, thanks for the update and thankfully it was inert, incredible really what's still to be found. Glad you're there to document it all, Cheers AG
  2. Did you say gardening or grenading? Hard to tell 🙂 AG
  3. OK Garand now I see it, hard to tell without its wooden furniture. Not work related but I enjoy using the machine, making and repairing stuff. Its funny '2020 the year that never was' The Man That Never Was was on TV over here 2 days ago. Keep tinkering on with your projects, its great just watching, love the wysteria as well by the way, and hopefully one day soon we'll all be able to return to some kind of normality. All the best, AG
  4. Hi ken, I too have been using my sewing machine in lockdown, making the most of the time. Strange fruit growing in Normandy gardens it seems, is that part of a Thompson? Thought it was a Luger at first hard to tell I wonder too if you know if D-Day plans will be cancelled this year? Will be a shame but it seems everything is 'off'! AG
  5. Darn it Ken! Thats a great idea for a patch ? Industrial sewing machines are handy things to have around, and Happy belated VE Day AG
  6. Mikie, I love fig trees, and a great story to go with yours. We need this thread now more than ever, thanks Ken as always for the updates and everyone else who contributes. Always good reading AG
  7. Very cool, I believe its Zig Zag, but tiger stripe will do just fine AG
  8. Hi Martin, its not elastic but thin cotton webbing type material. Could well be used for that, who knows. Thanks, AG
  9. Staying in is a bummer but it means get to catch up with posting. Found this a while back in Japan, was cheap as chips so was a no brainer to get it, early poplin ERDL in pretty bad shape lots of holes and repairs, but with some pretty cool mods, missing one chest pocket, has another in invisible ERDL, pen pockets etc It stunk to high heaven when I got it, so had to wash. Anyway whatever it is I love it AG
  10. Hi Ken, so did you win? I guess you don't know if you don't find that ticket, which I hope you do. My guess is that's not an internal pocket, or not meant to be used as such, but the pocket bag for an external pocket, and they've made the hole to stop 'stuff' accumulating at the bottom of it?? Does that make sense? Anyway good luck with the elusive WONKA gold ticket ;-) AG
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