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  1. OK...I'm putting the stamped guard back on my M1 Garand, how do you do that. Need instructions Thanks
  2. M1 Garand barrel date 3 SA 6 45. Came with a stamped trigger guard, picked up a milled at the gun show. Would it be wrong to put a milled guard on a 1945 gun. Has the spanner nut rear sight.
  3. Just picked up a 1918 woven Mills pistol belt. Is there a good way of cleaning it or should I just leave the grime alone. Its not a disaster just dingy, needs a cleaning. Not having ever tried to clean one, I was wondering what the pros do. Thanks
  4. OK here is the problem. I picked up a excellent shape USM8A1 at a gun show and would like to get the correct bayonet. Can I put a leather grip M4 in or should it be the later black plastic handel. Thanks
  5. OK, figured out the ammo...Des Moines Ordance Plant 1944. I guess placed in a 1955 bandolier.
  6. I have a bandolier with six 8 round clips of 30/06 ammo. Ammo is marked in the rim D M 4. The mags are if gifferent manufacture ie SA and IS3. The bandioler itself on the front shows CAL 30 AP M2, 5 round clips, SL 97231. On the back is HARIAN Co., June 1955. Any info would be appriciated and any thoughts on aprox value. I know I can ID the clips on the website. Thanks
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