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  1. Patch with the buffalo is Colorado University ROTC.
  2. I'm pretty sure this is Robert S. Johnson. Served with the 56th Fighter Group, 8th Air Force in WW2.
  3. Emblem of the Chinese-American Composite Wing, 14th Air Force. Shown in BATTLE COLORS volume VI by Robert Watkins.
  4. I believe the one on the left is a type 1 (per Bando).
  5. I think it's a variation of the 492nd Bomb Squadron, 7th Bomb Group "The Eager Beaver Bombing Co.". Similar example illustrated in "Battle Colors" volume VI by R. A. Watkins, page 69.
  6. The bomb dropping buzzard is from the 511th Fighter Squadron, 405th Fighter Group of the 9th Air Force in WW2.
  7. It looks like a modern copy of the emblem of the 361st Fighter Group insignia.
  8. Post #755, How the West Was Won.
  9. The Dept. of the Army Unit Citation and Campaign Participation Credit Register has the 303rd Ordinance Battalion receiving credit for occupation duty in Okinawa from September 1945 to January 1946. No theater campaign credit.
  10. I think the 87th was with the 12th AF in WW2.
  11. The advanced 4 engine training base at Liberal, Kansas used the fuselage marking ON as seen in the photo. They operated with the B-24.
  12. The thing about supposedly Italian made woven patches is that in two color examples the colors were reversed on the back side. Do any known German made ones show this quality?
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