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  1. In order to present a link between the american advisors and their vietnmese counterparts, here is two certificates awarded by the senior advisors to two vietnamese soldiers.
  2. The shirt It comes from the estate of the colonel Dwight Bomberger. He entered the U.S. Army in 1950 as a recruit and attained the rank ofmaster sergeant. He attended Army Officers Candidate School at Fort Riley, Kan., and was commissioned a second lieutenant, Medical Service Corps. He attended Medical Field Service School, Brooke Army Medical Center,Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas; assigned Medical ReplacementTraining Center, Camp Pickett, Va. He was promoted to first lieutenant, assigned to the Office of theSurgeon General, Department of the Army, Washington, D.C. Heattended an
  3. Bonjour, Really interested in this unit, please let me know present few items from this unit. Team 162 constituted the largest U.S. advisory effort of the Vietnam War. Some 1,200 soldiers were assigned to Team 162 during its 11 years of service. Airborne experience was a prerequisite for assignment. Most team members had served with the 11th, 82nd or 101st Airborne Divisions. In addition, the team included U.S. Air Force forward air controllers. They were called “Red Markers” for their ability to mark targets during battle. Thirty-four soldiers and three airmen from Team 162 were ki
  4. Bonjour, Me too! Milburn's combat scrolls and his Ranger badges are really beautiful! Craig, Cokes, Hughes and Adams are my favorites. Adams' shirt has the same configuration as those worn by the 3rd Bde paratroopers at the beginning of their deployment in VN. LCL Hughes' has a very surprising numberered infantry BOS. I think he was very proud of his previous assignment at the 82nd. The private purchase shirt could denote an early SF assignment. Leigh, I'm keen on your Cox and Knight' shirts! Cheers Valery
  5. Bonjour Justin, Check AbeBooks and you are going to find your Graal at a better price;) If you want to collect VN equipments buy Stanton's US ARMY uniforms of the VN war. Cheers Valery
  6. Hi Andrei, That's a great jungle jacket. I run after one since many years.... Great picture too Cheers Valery
  7. Bonjour, Gervasi ,Gervasi this name rings like a bell. I don't know if I'm right but someone with a very close name (I really think that isthis name) was an insignia maker specialized in french airborne DI. From stickers or patches he was able to make DI and sold a lot of his items during the 80's. Cheers Valery PS Copran, always nice stuff!
  8. Bonjour, Thanks Gunbunny to show us this jacket straight from the vet Merci Valery
  9. Bonjour, I found at flee market few years ago (when nobody was interested in VN stuff) or among grouping straight from the vet, jungle jackets with evidence of a or two former owners removed insignias. I pick up a jungle jacket from an USARV senior NCO with Master sgt ranks on the sleeves, however the name tape has been removed and changed from an other one. Little details the third down stripes of the subdued ranks were cut in order to custom in SFC. Hope I could help you Cheers Valery PS Did you received my PM's about my assesment?
  10. Bonjour, I agree with my buddies your jackets sound put together and I can add that: The 358th's mission was to provide transportation for the 525th MI Group in all four Corps areas. The Hq and maintenance were located at Vung Tau, along with single U-21 and a beaver. The helicopter assets were based at Danang, Nha Trang and Can Tho but the det has never been assigned to the 1st Cavalry division. It's strange the pocket patch of the 23rd south vietnamese Ranger reconnaissance Bn appears as a pocket patch on a 1st Cav jungle jacket. Hope it could help, Cheers Valery
  11. Hi Leigh, we have the same sense of valors: that's what I call a beret too Valery
  12. Lucky man you are! That's a great gift you make me for my new house! Cheers Valery
  13. You're right mate and the man on the rigt side with glasses is SP6 Susumo Sakamoto; Cheers Valery
  14. Bonjour Paul, Great display. May we have closer pictures from your ERDL Ranger jacket. One of my VN focus is the 101st. I'll post later few pictures from my collection if you agree. Bravo, Cheers Valery
  15. Thanks guys to share us all these nice pics.... Valery
  16. I'm sure your right. My own assesment is that these SSI are subdued by the soldiers themselves. I've seen only few examples of subdued VN worn SSI. These examples were all locally made. I dont't think that sudued cut edge nor merrow 've been sent in VN. Very interesting thread Valery
  17. Bonjour, Thanks guys to share your time and show us these nice pics§ Did you notice that: -some wear subdued 101st SSI. Now it's time for questions: locally made, ex-color subdued at individual level, US made subdued in flat edge or early merrow edge? -the M34 WP has been camouflageblack by blak tape ; -the strange tiger stripes cap Cheers Valery
  18. Thanks Leigh to have post these amazing pictures! They are full of details: I discover new berets highly desirable! Thanks mate Valery
  19. VALERY

    Big Red One

    Bonsoir, I found your Sgt in the VN roster: Name: MACK RICHARD W JR Branch: ARMY Rate: E05 Rank: SERGEANT MOS: 11B MOS Title: Infantryman Entered: Discharged: Service Number: State: ILLINOIS Race: CAUCASIAN Better than nothing Cheers Valery
  20. Hi, I found only one Sgt Billy E Adams. He was an african american from Texas, unit supply specialist (76Y) who served in the army from january 1969 till the 15th november of 1971. During this period he has been deployed in Vietnam. Cheers Valery
  21. Bonjour Simon, I can say that I don't like your CSDC boonie hat. I've never seen boonie hats with stamped tailor marks. According to the heagear and uniforms seen before, I have to say that I don't fully agree with Jeff Ashenfelter's assement : All of these stampings IMO are of late war manufacture(1970-75) when things were starting to shift and quality control was fading. - I never notice a late war quality or "erzatz" items in official issue SVN uniforms or even private purchase (for example I have 1974 stamped SVN uniforms, quality is similar to early years), - Phuoc-Huong was a shop se
  22. Thanks Jerome for these incredible photos (Tks Andrei too to have had the good idea to post); These Rangers could be perhaps from the V or the VII Corps LRRP Co's respectfully at Wildflecken (later Frankfurt) and Nellingen. It's interesting to note that they seem to have tigered their Patrol caps with magic marker. I found in a SF officer grouping few years ago a such patrol cap camouflaged with face paint. A V corps crest "Cum Animus Et Successus" (Through Courage, Success) was among the stuff. One day, I noticed at the parent's home of one of my best friend (I was the best man few days
  23. Does your OSS slingshot smelly? Valery
  24. Bonjour, One more Here is Sgt L'hoste Delmar jungle jacket. After few time at the Americal Div, he served at the B Troop 3/4 Cav as 11B from 70 till 71. Hope you enjoy... Valery
  25. Hi, Here is one of my late DCU modified with the hips pockets removed and sewn on the sleeves. It has the 155th Armored Bde separate SSI and combat patch. Cheers Valery
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