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  1. Hi Beezman, I've just found this thread and that's what I call a great for the job done. Congratulations! Great job! Valery
  2. Bonjour, You're really lucky: here is the complete biography of your colonel. It comes from the 1969 army war college yearbook! I think that your jacket dates from the the period when he was senior advisor at the 21st ARVN division. Cheers Valery


    Hi, Post the pictures, I'm sure it's the better place to know more about your uniforms! Cheers Valery
  4. Hi, Colonel Bowen, 187th RCT CO, worn a such zip modified field jacket during the combat jump on Sukchon-Sunchon, 20 october 1950. The few pictures I could see from him during Rakasans first tour in Korea, show him with this jacket! I'll try to post a pic later Cheers Valery
  5. Hi, As formyself this grouping is definitively post KW. The distinctive unit insignia was originally approved on 15 Dec 1952 for the 187th Airborne Infantry Regiment but on 3 Apr 1957 it was amended to add the motto. The insignia was redesignated on 7 Feb 1958 for the 187th Infantry Regiment. The blue, white and red oval has been approved on mai 1954. Rob you're right, never say never When Rakkasans leave Korea after the end of their first tour, they came back in Japan (till 1949, the 187th AIR was there with the 11th AB Div before it received orders to move at Fort Campbell) in th
  6. Hi Me, I like the locally made Airborne tab! Cheers Valery
  7. Hi, I discovered not so far ago the chat HQ. Cool place, I could join some interesting threads (even if not my collection theme) and meet some other forum guys. Yesteday we were near ten from Australia, Germany, USA and France! Cheers Valery
  8. Thank you to show us these interesting booklets. TKS Valery

    101st DCUs

    Hi, I like your SF, 187th veteran! Could you provide me his name, I could perhaps find some infos on him! Great OG 107! Cheers Valery
  10. Hi, Nice patches and nice jacket. The Seahorse website is really well done with some interesting pics and infos! Cheers Valery
  11. Hi Mobile Stike Force lizard uniform is a copy of the french airborne set 47/52. Valery
  12. Hi, I agree with you, eyelets make me think to a vietnamese made however the lace is not very typical fo US or ARVN private purchase headgears. Cheers Valery
  13. Hi SPS means Security Police Squadron and this insignia sounds to be Thailand located unit. I think NTS or Beezman are going to give you an accurate and brilliant answer . However, did you buy it to a thai seller on eBay who sells a lot of fakes without saying they're fake nor real I've seen few weeks ago a SPS ERDL jacket sold by this man. Cheers Valery
  14. Dobry Vecer, Some of your soldiers remember me Dragoon boxes with the nice Ron Volstadt plates! Well done! Valery
  15. Bonjour, As for myself NO! This reenactor wears a TAP 47/52 copy uniform worn sometime in country by former vietnamese members of the french era airborne forces. It was a mark of their two wars veterans status. You could still observe these jackets during Lam Son 719. According to period pics, these vietnmese veterans worn jackets but I never seen full sets used during the second VN war. It appears that some advisors worn this kind of jackets (TAP 47/53) as party shirts and really scarcely in the field during the early years. The combat patch shows a previous tour with the 173rd, (start of t
  16. Bonjour, Particulary useful "The day after" a booze party at the officer mess! Very nice shirt, Beogam has a very close shirt made by a thai hotel tailor with BDQ qualification badge! Cheers Valery
  17. Bonjour, As for myself, the right chest badge is the ROK EOD qualification insignia! It's a shame that his VN jungle jacket is not with the class A Nice find, Valery
  18. Bonjour, The Copran online translator works night and day! Seriously thank you to show us these nice and interesting souvenirs from you dear. I wait photos with a great interest! Thank you Valery
  19. You're right, Tears come to eyes....
  20. Bonjour, Thank you Patrick for enthusiasm!
  21. Bonjour, I only can say that he was MACV SOG XO from march to september 1969 and he had been assign later to the team as deputy senior advisor. Perhaps he finished his tour there, or that's my first assessment hehas been deployed the next year i.e late of 1970. I'm interested in a complete roster of the team, if someone has one Thank you for your interest. Valery
  22. VALERY

    Black berret SF

    Bonjour Luc, I think that Green beret is the trademark of your beret. I've seen some in green color too and, but I'm not sure in maroon too. Hope it could help, Cheers Valery
  23. The other one, little bit earlier Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment and add your items relative to the team. Cheers Valery
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