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  1. Hello Owen, I agree with you, that's a british windproof pattern, vietnamese made but 47/54 cut (without beaver tail). In fact I'm sure this vietnamese paratrooper wanted to have a french airborne style jacket sign of the good ol days giving him a visible veteran status. Planned for walking out or off duty jacket, he could ask to have a simplified cut, no need of beaver tail on a Lambretta! I need to find the pic but I've been very surprised to notice a 47/56 (3snaps up-3snaps down) french airborne smock worn by Khong Le in Laos. The jacket has the late brownished camo pattern that appeared
  2. Bonsoir, Sorry to confirm the fellow members previous answers but your tiger boonie hat is a modern copy, made as for myself in VN. The stamped mark is a pure nonsense for tiger heagears and grommets are little bit different from the period made. I never seen authentic ARVN boonie with such foliage band. Sorry again Valery
  3. Bonjour, Unfortunately , I confirm Beo Gam assessment. It has the evil XUONG IB stamp. A lot of fakes berets, boonies and some uniforms in different camo materials (different tigers, ERDL) appeared on the militaria market straight from VN in the mid 90's. Sorry Valery
  4. Hi Paul, Are these books for reenactors displaying "outlines" with repros and put together jackets like a guide or for collectors focussing on named items? Your work sounds to be an hard and difficult job but really interesting! Good luck! Valery PS Do you expect to display JCRC items?
  5. You know the place Mr X, you're always welcome! More stuff (interesting as for myself) could be seen there the next time, why not around a BBQ! Cheers Valery
  6. Great grouping! Do you know when he spent time with the 187th RCT? According to his paches, he was an old school soldier! Great Valery
  7. Bonjour, Paperwork sounds very interesting, please share it us when it'll be at your home! Cheers Valery
  8. Bonjour, Here is an examle of a 3rd pattern Rip Stop JJ modified by the addition of epaulets. It has a 18th MP SSI sewn on the left shoulder. Picture from Militaria Magazine N°280 Added epaulets is a common modification widely used by MP's in the late years of the year. It helps to wear armbands and hang whistle hooks. Cheers Valery
  9. What are you writing Andrei, post newer day shock? But I can say that this woman is not you're Mom Cheers Thanks for these nice pics Valery
  10. Bonjour, I'm far from WWI uniforms but is it stupid to say that the lion could be a 28th infantry "Lions of Cantigny" mark? The unit received this nickname after the battle of Cantigny after the 28th Infantry atacked the town, and within 45 minutes captured it along with 250 German soldiers, thus earning the special designation “Lions of Cantigny" for the regiment. The battle was in april and BRO adopted an insignia in october 1918, so it could be from the late days of war or early days of peace! Cheers Valery
  11. Bonjour Mark, Nice war room! I notice your helmet interest! Could you tell us the story of the VAT 69 drinks? Congratulations! Valery
  12. Bonsoir, According to the DI (a Koumia, traditional knife) worn by the soldier between the two GI's, these arabs goumiers soldiers are from Maroco and assigned to the Goum maraocain mixte (GMM). A Goum is a 200 men strength unit not far from a company organization. Hidden as a police unit after the 1940 defeat, 4 Groups and more than 10 companies were trained by general Guillaume. Since 1943, led by french officers, they fought from Italy to Germany. Hope my two cents could help you Cheers Valery
  13. Thank you to show us these jackets. I really enjoy Smith's set! Thanks Valery
  14. Bonsoir, With caveman (NTS) you are right but my assessment is wrong! Sorry Bob! Cheers Valery
  15. Very nice display Owen! Very high quality uniforms. Funny thing, Guerrier means warrior in french! Cheers Valery
  16. The left bearer seems to wear a CSDC "earth flowers" camo set, he's of course the only without cover !
  17. Bonour, I can say that tiger stripes helmet covers 've been widely used by CSDC members. Let meshow you some pictures taken during a joint operation manned by the Red Catchers with a CSDC platoon near Saigon. The CSDC platoon before the operation. Note the locally made chest webbing for M3/M3A1 and some M51 french helmet. The briefing before the mission (note the tricorn) I found this photo in Nha Trang and presents a young policeman during an operation in this area in 1968; His removed helmet has a tiger helmet cover too. Cheers Valery
  18. Happy to read that you came back safely at home! Cheers Valery
  19. Bonjour, We read clearly the same scarce books on this subject during the 80's. The first Osprey 'Armies of the Vietnam War' depicted in a strange way the different camo uniforms. Remember the LLDB officer or the SF trooper in tigers !! It was the early years. Here is my contribution. This set comes from major Whipple grouping. I've presented a complete tiger set with a PT trunks and his FJ with a nice embroidered name tape. Few plaques complete (or could ) the grouping.... The other tiger shirt has the LD81/BCND patch orignally se
  20. Jerôme, How many rabbit foot have you in your pockets? Friendly Valery PS However your vietnamese made beogam set sounds to be a fake! I can understand your disappointment and I'll take it at home in order to let you kiss your money goodbye! No need to thank you mate!
  21. Bonjour, Late in the morning, around 1030, I visited a little flea market on a supermarket parking in the south suburb of Paris. Among plastic toys and Barbara Cartland'books, I noticed a merrow edge 2nd ID patch with a D Day Normandy 50th anniversary. I thought: here is an other souvenir bought by a tourist who is going to finsih his career here! However, I put my hand in the box and check the stuff inside. Suddenly, in the same time appeared an other 2nd ID patch but flat edge with typical french little snaps sewn in the back and a 23rd ID DI japanese made. FRENCH BN IN KOREA rang in my h
  22. Hi, Send me his name and perphaps could find you some infos. Cheers Valery
  23. Bonsoir, Very nice helmet! I have a question: are the insignias painted or re painted on stickers in order to renew the helmet. I exchanged few mails with former MP's who served in VN and they remember to bring helmets to specialized shops down town specialized in this type of operation. It was even possible to buy there conic hats painted with MP marks as souvenir! Cheers Valery
  24. Oh Mate, Very nice sets, I really enjoy your locally made airborne tab! Great quality stuff! You're right to beware of all the red flags lurking in the dark! Very nice display! Cheers Valery
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