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  1. Hi mate, Here is some infos about your sailor: Name: CHMIEL STANLEY Branch: NAVY Rate: E03 Rank: SEAMAN MOS: FN MOS Title: Fireman Entered: 670425 Discharged: 710201 Service Number: State: MASSACHUSETTS Race: CAUCASIAN Only two Chmiel served in the Navy during VN, the other is an officer. Cheers Valery
  2. Bonjour, After the 7 errors game , TS shirt seems to be the shirt you sold last year but with a 25th ID SSI added! TS is one of these dealers who give an higher value to their uniforms in adding or replacing patches. The new sport seems to give the fakes to sell to a dealer selling everything except militaria! Cheers Valery
  3. Welcome mate to the JCRC jackets happy owners club! Cheers Valery
  4. Bonjour, As for myself your trousers are late 40's early 50's made. I wrote a topic few years about these models with few era pics: Airborne trousers topic If someone has two cents to add to my topic, it could be interesting! :thumbsup: Cheers Valery
  5. Great, great This is a very nice set! Do you have more details from his assignment and tour? Thank you to share Cheers Valery
  6. In the same way, beware of the direct embroidered jungle jackets sold by this seller ! Insignias and letters from tapes are a little bit bigger but that's only the beginning! Cheers Valery
  7. Bonjour, Sounds to be the new ND spring collection? Cheers Valery
  8. Dobry den, I think there is a second question behind the first? Did Wolfounds worn a special tab above their SSI above the Class A or a special 25th ID pocket hanger? Cheers Valery
  9. Bonjour, In order to confirm Abn Inf, here is a display with a 1962 yearbook and a Fleur de Lys (canadian made beret worn in the early years) with an orignally sewn 1st SFGAbn flash and a first design (opposite skulls) DI. You can notice the DI design on the yearbook cover. Hope it could help Cheers Valery
  10. Bonsoir, I'm coming perhaps after the war but I don't feel this beret: - I found no F.E Sweeney in White Star roster - I found no F.E Sweeney in 1st SGAbn TDY' roster - the flash stiffner sounds for me very different from the Fleur de Lys, G.I and locally made berets ( burlap material for the two firsts), however I've seen similar stiffner for 80's berets, - the lining method is very different from the country tailors "know how" for such modifications: usually the new lining covers all the inside beret (in the other hand, I've not seen every seen ) So as for myself too much red lights
  11. Bonjour, According to a veteran database, only three captain Norberg served in the army during the VN. Only one has a 1542 MOS (INFANTRY UNIT COMMANDER), William Gunther, the others are Rotary Wing Aviator (Unit Commander) and Petroleum Products Supply Officer. Hope it helps Valery
  12. Bonjour, Did these knives 've been issued to the US services during WWI? Cheers Valery
  13. Hi, What do you think about a Spouse Tuition Aid Program? There is a course available to spouses residing with their active duty service member sponsor, while stationed outside the USA. Cheers Valery
  14. Yes, I ever seen one. If my memory does not play my tricks, it has near the same cover. Cheers Valery
  15. Bonsoir, I worked few years ago with the portuguese army and I never seen such camo uniforms. Those used during the Mozambic war were really different and were close from our "lizzard" camo uniforms through the pattern and some by the cut. Cheers Valery
  16. Great Patrick! Hope to see more of your album(s)! The locally made two pocket shirts are very interesting. I've seen near similar worn by members of the 46th company in Thailand during a short period. I have to confirm. Thanks Valery
  17. Thank you for this very accurate answer! Perhaps someone has the answer to my question: Uzi used in VN were israeli or FN made? Thanks Sgt Monroe! Valery
  18. Bonjour, I found few bucks in a gun show this modified USMC shirt. I've seen before such modifications added by local tailors on Army fatigues but never on Marine items. Typical of the 1952 and 1953 years, have you seen pockets or pens holders added on Corps shirs? Cheers Valery
  19. Bonjour, Sorry I disagree with you Nicolas. He could be sometimes bored by lousy collectors focussing their collection on the "Easy comany" or by dumb asking for SS PANZER memorabilia with enough money to buy candies coins! This gentleman is just serious but trust me, very helpful too! He has a real knowledge of his job. You could find there has first quality items (some US, german, AAF and brit militaria) and Mr. Finel is a fluent english speaker! Least but not the last, have a look on his vintage Airfix vintage boxes wall! Cheers Valery
  20. Bonsoir, The other buddies are right, you 've the evil XUONG B stamp meaning workshop B (Copran could confirm)! These tourist war souvenirs were made in the 90's with different type of camo material parts. I remember to have seen piles of these berets in 95 and could be your for one or two $. Cheers Valery
  21. Bonsoir, He could be a Marine according to the the mix ERDL-OD fatigues, typical of the transitional period circa 68-69. Cheers Valery
  22. Thanks mate, No, I checked (as I could, here is the best resoltion) the photo details and I can say that it's a french made jacket. It was perhaps a gift from a french advisor assigned at the french military mission in Laos? Hope it could be useful Cheers Valery
  23. Bonsoir Patrick, Kong Le led the 2nd BP in the famous coup in august 1960 and stayed in Laos till the 15 November 1966 when Kong Le was dismissed as army chief and left the country. According to the pics of the coup (he was more slim and worn an highly desirable TAP 47/51 airborne set), I think thas this picture was taken circa 64-66. However I'm not fully sure of my assessment! Cheers Valery
  24. Re, I dug out the picture of Kong Le and an other officer. This picture is as formyself the only one presenting a french airborne jacket TAP 47/56 in SE Asia. Cheers Valery
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