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  1. Nice grouping! I like the beret too! Cheers Valery

    SEAL OG 107

    Thank you for your accurate answer! Cheers Valery
  3. I agree with Filupe and confirm that pattern is the belgium airborne camo type worn during the 50-60's. This pattern not so far from the highly desirable WWII british or the vietnamese bulletproof, some unscrupulous fakers and dealers cut in pieces belgium smocks and produced caps (I remember base ball, Bigeard and Rhodie styles), bush hats and berets. Cheers Valery
  4. Bonjour, First, thanks to Mr X for his friendly help. I can understand that my expression could be not very clear and quick to misunderstandings. To Spike, Could you explain me, where’ve I made in my post, a single criticism to Owen’ jacket? “Very happy for you, that's a really great find! You've here an highly desirable jacket. Unfortunately for some people, if it's not coming straight from the vet it'll be always consider as a suspect item. However for me, great find! Cheers Valery” I think we have exactly the same opinion about this subject but in any case! Cheers V
  5. Here is a really good start! I like the way you present your items! Great! Valery
  6. Hi Chris, Nice tapes on this tiger! However the interview adds a valuable interest to this nice jacket. Thank you to share us Cheers Valery
  7. Bonjour, This jacket switches on many red lights: -187th RCT awarded Korean PUC on the october 18, 1953 but confirmation was announced by GO N°23 on March 31, 1954. According to thousand of pics, the KPUC is worn on the left side by all the members ; -the ultramarine outer border, white inner and red center oval is officially worn since may 1954 by all the units of the RCT ; -since june 1952, the last type of the 187th SSI is worn by all the paratroopers ; -the SSI is for me one of the different type of insignias made during the early months of the 187th in Korea when no particular SSI w
  8. Very happy for you, that's a really great find! You've here an highly desirable jacket. Unfortunately for some people, if it's not coming straight from the vet it'll be always consider as a suspect item. However for me, great find! Cheers Valery
  9. Happy for you Alex! Even if the name tape is missing you're sure that your jacket is not a put together! Perhaps you're going to be lucky and you could read the name letters prints. Cheers Valery
  10. Bonjour, Here is few pics of this article: Cheers Valery
  11. Nice pics NTS but who is this young and slim red haired SP5? Cheers Valery
  12. Bonjour, Here is a little selection of worn in VN brassards: You can find there velvet and vinyl made Cheers Valery
  13. Hi, I have a good feeling for this jacket. Sgt Hulka sells unmessed items. That's my 2 cents Cheers Valery
  14. VALERY

    SEAL OG 107

    Bonsoir, Here is my lattest find from San Diego antiques seller, a 3rd type OG 107 shirt. Not in budweiser badges, I could not give a time frame to this shirt even if tapes embroderies are not familiar to me. If you could tell me more... Thanks Valery
  15. Sure, an high ranking member of the shadow gouvernement! Val
  16. Bonjour, Very nice grouping! I'm keen on the the K2B "party suited" and the red river name tape. Al Borchik is mentionned in "Phantom reflections: the education of an American fighter pilot in Vietnam" by Mike McCarthy. Thank you to share Valery
  17. Bonjour, I have in my collection this jungle jacket since a long time. Picked up from an army navy store, still starched, it has added shoulder straps, crudely sewn but SSI - airborne tab and para wings. The right chest pocket was removed in order to sewn the pocket patch. After many researches, I only find few infos about this 519 th Spt Bn SG in Vietnam. My assessment is that this infantryman was assigned to the SG det 519th Military Intelligence Battalion (Airborne). If someone has has a better idea Thanks Valery
  18. Bonjour, As for myself, your HBT jacket received the typical KW war era tailor modifications. In order to give you an example, please find an army jacket from my collection with similar modifications and an other one from the Corps Cheers Valery
  19. Bonjour, I checked the 37 pages of Craig who served in the army during the VN war and I discovered only one artillery officer in this roster: Name: CRAIG DAVID B Branch: ARMY Rate: O04 Rank: MAJOR MOS: 1193 MOS Title: Field Artillery Unit Commander Entered: 6008 Discharged: 801101 Service Number: State: UNKNOWN Race: CAUCASIAN Unfortunately, this veteran is not a former USMA graduate and I can't tell you more... I enjoy the shadow of the BRO SSI under the MACV PATCH; Nice jacket with beautiful locally made wings and tapes! Hope it could help Cheers Valery (keen of t
  20. Bonjour, Justin you're the happy owner of 2 US made Pattern 44 jungle shirts. In early 1945 American manufacturers produced a suit of jungle shirt and trouserscopying the design of the P44 british jungle clothing, but in HBT fabric, with typicalUS plastic buttons and with white metal buckles on the waist adjustment straps. Like the british uniform, this did not see service in the Far East before the end of the war. Cheers Valery PS I can get rid of one if you want :thumbsup:
  21. Hi, Great catch! Here is an highly desirable item! A chocolate 4pockets officers jacket was on eBay few not so far ago! Unfortunately, I was far from a computer and unable to bid on it :crying: Really gret find! Cheers Valery
  22. Hi, These locally made ranks are usually sewn on air force uniforms even if some scarce army uniforms received these ranks. Cheers Valery
  23. Bonjour, You're 200% right Kat, the Korea war is really the forgotten war :crying: Cheers Valery
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