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  1. Bonjour, I bring my little brick in the wall: Here is a 1st ID SSI, Kosovo made. These insignias 've been made during the first tour of the division in 1999 - 2000, local tailors around bases and local PX in bases have still numerous quantities! Cheers Valery
  2. Here is the beret worn by Captain David Hahn who served at the 46th SF Company from 1972 to 01-17-1974 as signal officer. Freindly Valery
  3. Bonjour Here is a complete set (originally badged) worn by a 10th SFGAbn PFC around 1956 that I luckily found. DI's and oval are german made. The overeas cap is a flight ace all items of the set are named or received partial SN°. Unfortunately the beet with the Trojan horse was not in the lot Valery
  4. One of my favorite war film is " La 317è section" (317th platoon), as for myself one of the best war film about war in SE Asia and wars in general. It's the story of the withdrawl of a small french outpost. A young lieutenant and his XO, an alsatian former veteran of the german army, lead suppletives and few french soldiers across the country between VM forces.

    120mm display

    Is he a retreating Landser in 1944 who discovered the corpse of may june 1940 french KIA? Well painted... Valery from skeleton's country
  6. Bonjour, I bought many years ago at the Paris flea market (Marché aux puces for your next trip in France ) a Mitchel helmet cover with typical locally made MP letters among normal helmet cover. In fact it's the near the same than Jason G's. If MP in VN were involved in Physical security and police missions they were involved too in direct combat missions (the 18 th MP Bde was assigned between 1967 and 1970 a tactical Area of Responsability in the south of Long Binh, a 22 square mile area.) combat reaction forces in rear area locations and direct combat support provided to tactical units
  7. The 187th RCT is one of my favorite Korea war thema. Here is a "Beppu belt" engraved to the MSGT Miller who later trained the korean paratroopers with KMAG and joined few years later SF. He retired in 1966. Cheers Valery
  8. Merci for your quick answer. During the VN war great numbers of DOD civilians and technical assistance employees spent time in country. In 1966, USARV permitted these peronnel to wear utilities and in 1969, tropical uniforms. Instead of US armed forces they have to wear their firm or center name. Civilian personnel who worked with no field duty were not authorized to wear such uniforms. So for WECOM, were they civilians who worked as weapons specialists, any relations with ordnance corps? ATAC according to your acronym sounds very mysterious for me!
  9. Zvonik's Buddy, an other guy from WECOM. Any infos about WECOM, DEAD LINKS 1/13/15 doinworkinvans More to follow soon....
  10. And here is the second pic: DEAD LINK 1/15/15 doinworkinvans
  11. Here is my contribution to this topic and hope it'll be helpful. I joined two pics from the excellent book printed by La Gazette des Uniformes about the French airborne forces in Indochina. This display presents a British made camo set. Notice that the trousers are near mint and show the original pattern color. The second presents members from the 10 BPCP (10th bataillon de chasseurs à pieds parachutistes - 10th airborne light infantry (chasseurs) Bn) in Indochina. The far right SSG wears a British made jacket and it seems that his right neighbour too. DEAD LINK 1/15/15 doinworkinvans
  12. Never seen these gloves before? I've checked some Recon Marines but nothing, Experimental item? Very interesting, something like the "Delta" mesh jungle boots? Hope to learn more.
  13. I know that in Picou's grouping were guidons, 101st yearbooks signed by other fellow officers, plaques, perhaps more uniforms. I've have discovered that his 101st Class A've been transformed by an unscrupulous eBay dealer to an infantry LTC fully badged (it's true you're more chance to have a good price with an infantry officer than a red leg. BOS've been changed and wonderful insignias appeared like pathinder, master para etc. It has Picou's name in an interior pocket.
  14. The first jacket belonged to LCL Picou, who was during the first part of his second tour, the 101st Divisional Artillery Chief. I've added two plaques that I could obtain from different dealers. All his souvenirs have been sprayed all over by a dealer and I try to regroup it. The second belonged to soldier assigned to Ivy division PIO.
  15. Merci for your very interesting addtion about the "white MP visor cap". At present, I try find a lot of info about these caps during the early to mid 60's. I've seen pics from MP's circa 63-64 with green visor cap and white cover up but none with white vinyl nor full white visor cap (except the visor and the chin strap, of course). I'm really interested in a pic of a cap like that. I know that appeared circa 1968 a branch color ribbon around the cap till today. I thought that it was the same date that appeared the vinyl caps.
  16. I think I found your man. A 1st Lt John F Erskine from the 1st SFGA spent a TDY in VN to the MED TT ( Medical Instruction Team to C Det) from 02/01/66 to 07/31/66. In another file, I've discovered that two John F Erskine served in VN (perhaps it's the same)with the 7940 MOS: Sanitary Engineer (unfortunately there is no prefix). One joined the army in 1954 and the other in 1962.
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