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  1. Bonjour, I confirm: it seems to be a new "Charlie la colle" aka Charly the glue' new production... Cheers Valery
  2. Bonjour, Your shirt is a 1000% country made... however not in VN but in Togo. The liner seems to be a used flour bag. SGMT means Société des Grands Moulins du Togo (Togo mills society located at Lome). Cheers Valery
  3. Hi, First, let me apologize, I know it's a little bit far from the thread but have you noticed on the first picture of the Company D (Ranger) 151st of the Indiana National Guard, the soldier who does not watch in the same direction than the others, has a jungle expert pocket patch. I think it's the first time for me to see this patch on a jacket worn in Vietnam. Cheers Valery
  4. That's a very interesting photo and a so unsual patches combination! Thank you to share with us! Cheers Valery
  5. Sounds to be this man : Name: COLT RICHARD J Branch: AIR FORCE Rate: O03 Rank: CAPTAIN MOS: 1115K MOS Title: Pilot Entered: 670726 Discharged: 790901 State: TEXAS Race: CAUCASIAN He's the only Captain Colt in the USAF VN veteran roster Hope it's help Cheers V
  6. Hi, Perhaps I'm wrong but the beret look like for me german? A picture of the liner could be very helpful! Cheers Valery
  7. I can smell the storage fragrance! :thumbsup: Very nice find... Cheers Valery
  8. Thank you all for your comments and your interest. Cheers Valery
  9. Hi fellow members, I found few months ago in a Paris vintage shop this modified jungle jacket. RDF camo pocket and a strange tiger stripes (removed from a flight suit or a flight jacket) pocket are roughly sewn on the sleeves. The modifications show evidence of wear like discoloration inside the pockets. The jungle jacket has never received any patches. Only P765 is written with a magic marker on the flap of the left chest pocket and inside, near the collar. Have you ever seen such modifications with camo pockets added to an OD jacket? Cheers Valery
  10. Hi, Very nice grouping! Black embroidered name tags sewn insider berets seem to be typical from the 1st SFG Abn during the mid 60's. Cheers V
  11. Back to the forum for few days , I'm really happy to discover this incredible thread. Thank you Arch to share your outstanding display Merci Valery
  12. Thank you slickdogmess for your interest, According to the SSI and the embroidered name tape, this FJ M43 fits for the period from the end of the second tour of the 187th (when the RCT came back to the camp Chickamauga, Beppu, Japan) till the introduction of the gold and black ARMY tapes. This still life displays few more 187th items. The souvenir silk scarf from Beppu seems to be a first tour paratrooper souvenir during his R&R or in convalescence in Japan. Apparently, it could be a lifer who asked to add his old style airborne garrison cap patch and the 11th airborne
  13. Bonjour, I excavate this very interesting thread to add this suitcase made by Leeds Tested NY. The unlucky paratrooper painted under the canopy appear in some 1953 copies of th regimental newspaper and in the 53-54 yearbook. More to follow in the next days... Cheers Valery
  14. Hi KW enthuiast, I follow NB assessment and can add that the 187th is the last pattern. However, I'm surprised that the Commonwealth Div patch does not appear on this scarf :think: Thank you to share Cheers Valéry
  15. Cool finds! Is it a british machette withe the leather scabbard up the horse brush and the dummy grenade? Cheers V
  16. Nice display! It's always a pleasure to see his collection than to be a boxes collector! Unfortunately, space in our towns is becomming luxury :crying: Cheers Valery
  17. Bonjour, ASV could stand for Air to Surface Vessel (radar). That's my 2 cents Cheers V
  18. Hi, I think they were two : I've seen an other guy with an AK chest rig, wearing a jalaba not really at ease when the pakistanese food sellers laugh at him ! Cheers V
  19. Congratulations and best wishes ! With the heavy rains in Europe and according to the old french saying, you'll have a "mariage pluvieux, mariage heureux", Rainy mariage, happy mariage! Valery
  20. Hi, In spite of few criticism, I don't see an other one for now! Cheers V
  21. Bonsoir, At best, the ERDL jacket is a postwar. The Air Assault Badge was approved by the Chief of Staff, Army, on 18 January 1978, for Army-wide wear by individuals who successfully completed air assault training after 1 April 1974. The badge had previously been approved as the Airmobile Badge authorized for local wear by the Commander, 101st Airborne Division, effective 1 April 1974. That's my 2 cents Cheers Valery
  22. I like it too! Never so lucky , I just found huge piles of french fatigues at the vintage clothing shop behind the Stolly's yesterday! Beast your 're welcome in Paris for a "Capital militaria tour"! Cheers Valery
  23. Bonjour Denny, That's a great find of the SF early years in SEA. :thumbsup: Your card is a vietnamese driving license delivered by the ARVN Transportation Dept (KBC 3031). Perhaps more to follow, I have to check files Great find again V
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