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  1. Hey, I want to sincerely thank everyone for so quickly helping me nail this item down. You guys (and gals) are the best!
  2. Wow - that ID didn't take long. I didn't even get all the photos posted! Thanks everyone!!! So I assume (rightly or wrongly) that the stenciling is to convert this captured item into something like a suitcase for personal use? Does anyone have the interpretation of the designation after Mr. Nichol's name (CM 2/C)? Also, just to pick minds a little more, what would be a fair value of this piece of captured German ordnance?
  3. Here's how you open the case, it is accomplished by lifting the lower wire handle up releasing the spring wire lock around the wooden handle base:
  4. I just recently had come in this interesting item. I can find no references to it in my research. I hope one of you equipment specialists can help me out! This first photo is the top of the case. It has a wooden carrying handle, with a spring-wire closing mechanism.
  5. As you can see, the first medal has superior details and toning. The medal itself is stamped "BRONZE" on the reverse, and the wreath on the first medal is a light green in color, versus a dark blue on the second. My inclination is to say the first medal is earlier in manufacture, versus the second, but I would appreciate comments, or a more specific timeline of manufacture.
  6. The second utilized the more commonly seen "EL ORO" Pin Plate:
  7. I am seeking information concerning Philippine medals manufactured by El Oro. Specifically, when were the different Pin Plates used in their manufacture. Do others exist? I am starting with a Philippine Defense Medal. This medal was authorized as a ribbon in 1944, and the medal was authorized in 1945. The first one uses a "MANUFACTURED BY" Pin Plate:
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