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  1. Hello, I look for photos of Jeep M38A1 in Viet Nam to take model to restore mine. you can make me a scan if you have it in your collection or to indicate me a link thank you in advance for your help. David ;o)
  2. hi' soory, if I restarted this message was in desperation. david
  3. Hi' and thank you for trying to reassure me I started to look for another ... You can do it fine, before I part with it. (my translation is correct?) but thank you again pouyr your sympathy and your answers... Regards. david
  4. Hi, I make up one last time this message. whether this marking is used during ww2...? and what it means exactly.... thank you in advance david
  5. re' thank to all for all these details. I make no secret that I am disappointed by this bad news. I will separate myself I think... ( damage because it is impossible to find a Colt in as good condition in France. I may regret it. Friendly greetings david
  6. hello, I see that the subject is not so simple... Thank you for your participation. David
  7. hello, I did not know it was reconditioned, no. sniffff it had been identified as GOOD for the production of 1945, and since I did not search further. I was also shown the same, with the marking JSB, and the same cylinder head!!! may be that a lot of this production in 1945 was reconditioned for the European market!! all in the same way? you have a link or a picture of a model JSB home that I can compare. it is easier for me... because I do not really master the English language. neutralize French sounds définitives. appearance of the gun is not changed, but the mechanics is
  8. hello, and yet so ... david
  9. Hi' just for fun (and to show off lol) I wanted to present the Colt pistol in my collection. is a production of 1945 with specific markings. it is MINT !!! but... you do not like... it is neutralized (required in France). enough, place the pictures! david
  10. re' who is the manufacturer of the second anchor with... is a model specific to ww2 ? thanks david
  11. Hi' When the strap date and who is the manufacturer...? there is an anchor inside the hook ?!?! Thank you in advance. david
  12. Hi' Does this strap is authentic and what is its period of use...? thans in advance... david
  13. hi' Are there pictures of this drawing...? I speak of course of period photographs showing the design during the ww2. thanks in advance david
  14. hi' I have this holster that is marked under the flap: B-121-25 26-351-360-Cop 121 TANK can you explain the meaning of these markings...? Thank you in advance. David .
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