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  1. Cool group and all the 82nd Div. officer groups I've seen had the same bullion AA! There has to be more to that story! David
  2. Hello- I wonder if it could refer to Troop F of the the 2nd US Cavalry that was overseas in WWI- it could be a theater made type award of some kind! Pretty cool to think this was there and prized by somebody! Thanks for sharing it! David
  3. Amazing group and historic account! My uncle was in 25th Div. and turned 18 in Korea. He told me the same accounts about what they had! He also said a lot of the ammo and rations they captured were barely a year old, while the US supplies were almost all WWII surplus with '44 and '45 dates! What a story this TSMG could tell. My uncle brought back a Moison Nagant rifle! Tennessee
  4. This is one of the neatest research success that I have seen while collecting estate uniform groups for 35+ years! I know the greater interest is in such personal stories from the Civil War and WWII periods but this is why I collect and enjoy so much the stuff and the stories from the World War I era. Thanks for sharing so much, from the discovery of the photograph, which is really cool by itself, to the research that goes with it!! I am still amazed at how much material is available now on the World Wide Web–what a great time to be interested in military history! David
  5. With the anniversary now upon us, I wanted to resurrect this amazing collection!!! Thanks again for being the caretaker for this trove! David
  6. I wanted to resurrect this neat attic find/ time capsule during our anniversary /centennial year for WWI- it's really cool! David
  7. This is a fascinating story! It is still a common circumstance for active duty/ former active duty to have positions with Defense Intelligence on a "part time" or detached duty status. There are layers of deception involved and I'm sure the practice really took off before, during, and after WWII. My wife's grandfather, who was a West Point grad , was active in training the Chinese Air Force pilots before WWII , but had to resign his commission in our Army when he took the job in China. I had an uncle who was in Office of Naval Intelligence service in the 1950's and met another Army uncle,
  8. Great 33rd Div. group! I really enjoy id'd groups like this with the painted helmet, etc. They aren't as commonly seen now- did you get this one from an estate? Keep sharing as you get the photo process down! Thanks for showing this! David
  9. Hey Dennis- I looked through this thread yet again today, and what a miracle that you have the medals now to complete this sailor's amazing story! You did a great job preserving this man's history through his artifacts! Over the years it took, you never gave up! My father was a Navy Corpsman in WWII and they really have a remarkable story! Thanks for sticking to this project so professionally and persistently and respectfully of the vet's family! David
  10. Hey Trenchbuff, I just wanted to resurrect this thread- what a cool group, and the only Gas and Flame group I've ever seen with the Purple Heart! Those G &F guys saw a lot of combat by companies, and I'm sure hoping you might have put more of your display together! As an old chemical engineer, these guys were ahead of their time, and played a bigger part in the final breakthrough of the Meuse Argonne than is generally known! David
  11. Hey Paul- I just happened to run across this thread while mining for gold in the old Forum listings. I have been collecting WWI id'd groups since 1980, and for me, it really is all about the stuff and the stories- the research is priceless! Your statements about the joy of long term collecting and preservation are truer now than those 9 years ago! I just wanted to bring them back to the present for further discussion! Thanks again for putting your comments together! David
  12. Hey John, I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy looking at your groups! I hope you are mending well, and getting around better! Thanks for saving and sharing all this neat stuff! David
  13. I really like the family connection also! I've collected WWI id'd groups since 1980 and never ran into this one! Does anyone else know more of the details about the 185th AS success during the war? Thanks for sharing this new treasure from your long haul collection! I'm glad you grabbed it! David
  14. Hey Eric, I just now saw this thread- did you have any more luck with the research! Great helmet with lots of history! Thanks for sharing it! David
  15. Hello Hessian- Did any more of this man's collection turn up? It's great when they keep coming out little at a time! Now they really are preserved together! David
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