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  1. Update. Evan provided me a tracking number on August 9th. If you track the package via USPS they say they have not received the package and only pre-shipment info has been provided. So the assumption is the box still has not been mailed unless the package has not been scanned by the Usps in past 3 days.. I have been very understanding but I am getting a bit frustrated as It it will be 2 weeks since I paid him for the jacket this Friday. I am thinking of pursuing a claim through PP. Below is what the USPS has to say. Your package is on its way to a USPS facility
  2. Evan did PM this morning a few hours ago and said he would be providing a tracking number for the package.
  3. Last name is Troche, I am hoping this is just a misunderstanding but it is strange he will not reply to my PMs. Concerning the time line yes, that was my bad. Should be July 31st obviously not August 31st. Tommorow is a week since he last responded to the PM, I have not hreard from him since I paid for the group. Thank you for the support and hopefully I’ll hear from the member shortly.
  4. Good evening, I am having issues getting a follow up response from a forum member I purchased a item from. I purchased a jacket from Forum member user name " ww2guymandude". I purchased his 11th Armored Division/ 90t Division uniform from Evan last week (August 31st) and once I paid seller disappeared. Evan posted the item in the US forum Uniform section last Friday. I offered to purchase the coat. Evan agreed to sell the coat to me and he sent me a total cost to purchase the group and I paid his total invoice via PP and even covered the 4% PP fees, once I paid the in
  5. Yep you are right as rain 874th, thanks for the response. Now I am not sure of the era either. Any thoughtsom the age of this construction?
  6. I can not recall what fighter squadron this patch is for. I believe it is a F86 fighter squadron patch. Possibly Japanese made.
  7. I was in the USN Seabees late 80 early 90s and were issues US Army Marked M1911 and M1911A1. We did have one US Navy marked slide but that was a coincidence. Navy used US Army marked M1911 starting in WW1 and 1911A1 US Army marked pistols from 1939 up thru the early 1990
  8. They look like English broad arrow markings
  9. Looks like a radio cover with accessory pouch
  10. Hello I did not really ever get any good information concerning the group. I moved the group on a few years ago. Thanks for the interest
  11. That is really cool. Surprised they did not get scattered to the 4 corners years ago. That first picture is cool as well
  12. great pic, crazy none seem very nervous to be working with live ordinance
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