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    Mint or very good condition WW2 US combat gear, equipment, helmets and uniforms

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  1. Hard to say without pics. WWII: possibly, seen on other clothing: yes.
  2. Being a WWII collector, I'm a complete novice when it comes to Vietnam War collecting. A quick Google search listed books such as Grunt, US Forces in Vietnam, Vietnam US uniforms and Weapons, gear and uniforms of the Vietnam War. Also lots of Osprey books and the ones by Gordon L Rottman. Any other suggestions?
  3. Saw this 1911A1 for sale, but I do not know much about 1911 model pistols. I feel some things are wrong with this one (slide, screws,...). Your verdict?
  4. Found this one in a pile of 100 plus pouches sold by an Eastern European dealer. The US marking is fake, but I never saw a 5-cell with these colors so I bought it just for the heck of it.
  5. Could be. But I think they would equip the Belgian Forces with British gear (Sten or the odd Thompson)...
  6. Any idea how an M50 could have end up in the hands of the Belgian army during WWII?
  7. Picture taken in the Egyptian desert during a 1944 Belgian Colonial Army training. Reising M50?
  8. Steve, I did nothing to the stock. Just a light cleaning and some gun oil.
  9. That was a typo serial number is in the 370XXXX range... My bad!
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