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  1. I have a dark OD first aid pouch like the one on the left as I am looking at it, with the brown dressing. Dated 1944, British Made.
  2. I've read reports that the circle on the helmet was not just for corpsman, but different types of units, i.e. beach party, supply, etc, had different colored dots on their helmets to designate their status. I seriously doubt that corpsman inland with the grunts, wore the white dotted helmets, just aid station medics, usually on the beach. Beast, I see what you are saying. I think the "white dot' on his helmet is just a reflection. It does look to low to be a corpsman's disc. Doc Rick
  3. This picture is from the battle of Tarawa. I can see the white disc on the guy on the far left, id'ing him as a corpsman. The closet and right guy have a white stripe circling their right thigh. Was this a way of id'ng litter bearers? It almost looks like it was added to the picture. Doc Rick
  4. Inside the bag, are there any small loops or straps? Do the dog ears snap down? If so, a late war corpsman's bag? :think: Doc Rick
  5. Submitted for your discussion. A WWII Corpsman's bag. While the design is very similiar to the real ones, this one just screams "FAKE" !!!!!!!! Or is it just a version I've never seen. I await the jury's verdict.
  6. Not quite sure my response was clear. I would use them in a military first aid kit or sewing kit if I had a spot to fill. They certain look the same as some of mine (which I took from a military first aid kit), and I've seen quite a few different kinds. During the early days of our mobilization for WWII, the government took everything and anything to fill the needs of the military. Post war, many GI's kept things they thought would be useful and pitched the rest. I would say these scissors fit the above catagory. Doc Rick
  7. I'm sure it's not military issue or even "rigger made." Looks homemade, the snaps cut off a military tunic and sewn on. The pockets look like they would hold an SMG mag or high capacity pistol mag. Hard to tell the size of the pockets from the photos. Doesn't look like a hunting vest, as the pockets obviously are designed to hold a lot of high capacity magazines. If we wish to let our wild sides out, it could be a vest worn under a jacket to hold ammo for a "sterile" or "covert" operation. Kind of resembles something I've worn on dignitary protection details. Though we probably will neve
  8. My brother, a Hospital corpsman in Viet Nam, carried one, so some were still around in the inventory even then.
  9. Not sure about the "possible" part. If a Willy's Jeep was made but never made it into military service at the end of the war and was sold to a farmer, 60 years later is it not still a military jeep to a collector?????? If you found it in a box of military stuff, I would hazard to say that it was a surviving part of a discarded sewing kit or first aid kit.
  10. Under my fancy "Use a flashlight so the flash won't go off" techique, you can see the patterns on 3 and 4. Doc
  11. I have two pair similiar to yours....one in stainless and one blued. Both were found in a First Aid Kit box, in the box of "Tourniquet, forceps, scissors", wrapped in brown paper. I'm pretty sure scissors from any and all companies were used at the time to fill the need. 1, 2, and 4 are stainless. The flash made 1 and 4 look darker. 3 is blued steel.
  12. Did it look something like this? This is obviously an ammo pouch but I think I've seen the one you are talking about and the structure and format resembles this. Doc Rick
  13. Even as late as the early 80's some WWII items were still popping up at the supply hut. The Marines used the same WWII style suspenders, rucks, FA kits, belts, canteens, etc long into the war. I have a pair of OD suspenders and a lower pack, same style as in WWII. The suspenders are dated 1968. In the early 80's we were still issued the Colt 45, so I'm sure some of the mag pouches at supply were WWI and II vintage. Doc Rick
  14. I must concur with Justin. My brother was a Corpsman in VN, 1969-70 and he used a variety of gear from WWII to current issue, whatever was available. Smart corpsman did not wish to look like one, so they threw away the M-3 bag and carried medical gear in pouches, bandoliers, engineer bags, gas mask bags, anything to take away the fact that they were a corpsman. Snipers liked to pick on them. He said he wore two belts, one with his .45 and survival knife and another with several canteens and pouches. If they had to bug out fast, he could dump the second belt and keep his weapons on him.
  15. Depends on condition and how bad you want it. Some people only want mint, others want salty. I paid 20 bucks for one at a gun show, missing the inside pockets and one outside pocket, but it had the the unit numbers written on it indicating it was used by a corpsman with a Marine unit. Doc Rick
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