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  1. Actually the 334th has a storied history. They were in vietnam long before the move to Germany. Here is my Dads patch from vietnam.
  2. Nice Piece, However the main spring has been replaced in yours
  3. mphsmeister and thunderchicken2000 are our usernames on WOT
  4. Grandson just said, "Thanks Cool!." He then went back to his World of Tanks game.
  5. New bill would reduce rank of drone medal By Rick Maze - Staff writer Posted : Tuesday Feb 26, 2013 16:42:18 EST A trio of Republican lawmakers moved Tuesday to prevent the Defense Department from establishing the Distinguished Warfare Medal for drone operators as an award that ranks higher than the Bronze Star or Purple Heart. Reps. Duncan Hunter of California, Timothy Murphy of Pennsylvania and Tom Rooney of Florida, introduced H.R. 833, a rare bill that tells the Defense Department how to set the precedence of medals. While introduced as a stand-alone bill, there is a strong chance th
  6. I,m sorry but this new medal placement is just wrong. People can say what they want but it should not come before any combat medal that is received by direct action by the individual in face of the enemy. to me its a slap in the face for those men and women who died in combat and received the Purple Heart.
  7. Such a sad story concerning the three saliors who lived till the 24th. If you follow the citations in the story its very somber.
  8. Actually the coments on the page its self are awsome and revealing.
  9. Vietnam Advisory 1962-1965 Vietnam Defense 1965 Vietnam Counteroffensive 1965-1966 Vietnam Phase II 1966 - 1967 Vietnam Counteroffensive Phase III 1967-1968 Tet Counteroffensive 1968 Vietnam Counteroffensive Phase IV 1968 Vietnam Counteroffensive Phase V 1968 Vietnam Counteroffensive Phase VI 1968-1969 Tet 69 Counteroffensive 1969 Vietnam Summer-Fall 1969 Vietnam Winter-Spring 1970 Sanctuary Counteroffensive 1970 Vietnam Counteroffensive Phase VII 1970-1971 Consolidation I 1971 Consolidation II 1971-1972 Vietnam Cease-Fire 1972-1973 I dought very seriously this was a one t
  10. The hunt continues http://forums.1911forum.com/showthread.php?t=375025
  11. Loook here to see if you can find your answer http://coolgunsite.com/
  12. Actually each eye takes in 1/2 of the visual field which is further broken down into quarters. Four basic visual pathways exists with none being the dominate pathway
  13. Depends on the sugar weld at the seam. Durring the 40s the sugar was not heat treated properly and lead to caramelization at the sugar weld joint.
  14. They have to be fakes, notice the discoloraton around the edges?
  15. The last batch of Twinkies are fakes. The product has the wrong DSA markings which show that the shops in pakistan are now putting out good fakes. As soon as the machines are retooled expect to see King Dongs being faked.
  16. The one I posted is the real deal for your future reference 1967-68
  17. Thought you might like this, This is my Dad's Patch
  18. Here is my model US NAVY. What looks like rust isn't
  19. Interesting post considering that when I did Border duty as a GSR our boss was a Spec 4 when we were deployed.
  20. The one on the right is the certificate for the VGC. If you use the google translator you can determine at which level it was given based on the star color. The one on the left is the Armed Forces Honor Medal, 1st Class I do beleive
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