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    mackenzie northern british columbia
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    i collect all forms of militaria with my focus being on ww2 and Korea war American and Canadian uniforms and medal groups
  1. and best of luck to you as it sounds like you were hoping to slip in on this one without anyone knowing cheers michael
  2. well the reserve is met at 3600 cheers michael
  3. well after a few weeks in the hospital i have returned i am feeling better and hope to get back t o expanding my collection. i would also like to extend my heartfelt thanks to those who send wishes for a fast recovery. cheers Michael
  4. kyrstyn here again just wanted to let you know that michael will out of the hospital next friday and he will be back on then. good thing too cuz he was going into withdrawal
  5. Kyrstyn again just wanted to update everyone michael is doing a lot better he should be out of the hospital in two or three weeks. But its going to be a while before he is back to 100%. He underwent surgery to put screws in his leg and arm to as he put it "keep it all in top party form". He asked me to tell all of you how much he appretiates the members here and there well wishing.
  6. dear forum i am writing on behalf of my long time boyfriend michael smith who goes by canadian bacon on here michael was involved in an accident late on the night of the 18th he is currently in the hospital with a broken leg, broken collarbone,arm,nose and wrist as well as 4 cracked ribs. he asked me to write this as he will be unreachable for the next while
  7. even if they are not a group the individual value of the medals would make them worth a pretty penny the navy cross looks like it might be a black widow or a gunmetal version cheers Michael
  8. and if your looking for medals for your valour case pm me i might have some laying around cheers michael
  9. $500-700 is a fair estimate i would personally think $600-800 maybe more. cheers michael
  10. i think you are looking at a very nice and desireable grouping and someone will pay a good amount for this group . (sorry but i don't like giving prices especially if i am interested in potentially buying it) cheers michael p.s. if you figure out a price i would be interested in this one
  11. it looks like the medal is 100% good but the suspension has been replaced later on. 1) the medal definitely has the look of a ww2 era strike due to the detail and patina. 2) engraving looks right for ww2 3)suspension was replaced maybe even by the vet himself but more likely by a family member maybe try to find a ww2 era suspension for the medal. cheers michael
  12. hmm it looks liek a newer issue medal suspension could you show the rest of the medal. the engraving looks okay to me but i am not an expert cheers michael+
  13. ive tried doing this and im afraid im not very good at it so im looking to have it done properly cheers michael
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