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  1. Thank you. I’m sorry about the pics making the leather look black. It is actually a blue leather on the scabbard and sword handle.
  2. Just wondering, what would you take for the second red globe?
  3. No problem, I wish I had the mount for it.
  4. Me too, a serious waste of money. I don’t want to even watch it for a laugh.
  5. I just happen to have one of those training Remington Model 11 shotguns , it has the tapped and threaded holes on the front and back of the receiver. I’ll post pics
  6. I got it mounted on my mannequin! Now I gotta find trousers, chevrons and a belt. Whatcha think?
  7. Yeah, I know, the belt is gonna be tough. I wish there was some ID of some kind inside so I could figure out what division this marine was in. I don’t want to just add one, that would be phony. I’ll just settle for putting the sgt stripes back on it and look for a belt. I’ll also look for a pair of WWII period NCO trousers.
  8. Here is the pic as promised
  9. Awesome collection! Thanks for posting!
  10. Thank you all for the compliments and input. I’ll see if it will fit one of my mannequins today and post pics
  11. Thanks Brian, I’m glad I was able to get it. It is in great shape, no mothing, and the price was definately “right”. I’m planning on putting the sgt stripes back on it to restore it to original configuration. Now I have to find the proper WWII vintage set as well as the dress belt.
  12. Here’s my contribution.. My Uncle Wilton Coker
  13. Thank you Dirk. I’ve looked very hard and can’t see any markings. I do know that Marines that wanted dress blues during the war had to have them tailor made as they were not issued.
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