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  1. Ok, I feel like i am grave robbing but I would like to contribute . That Nametape is exactly what a german Issue Name tape lookid like before transitioning to the flecktarn uniform. This makes ist pretty likely that the pictured jacket was worn by a memeber of the 3rd Brigade 2AD (fwd) stationend in Garlstedt. The Brigade had a pertner Brigade the German Panzergrenadierbrigade 31 and it would have been not unusal to get a Buddy some nametapes.. actually to this day i wear american made ones from exactly that place. I had asked an american Buddy of mine if he could get me some. ( yes.. old man
  2. I absolutely love it ! I believe they are a nice field for a collector with a small budget and to me they are very desirable and i think interest in them will grow ...already noticable here. Thank you very much !
  3. I do BDU...any nice combination of patches will do not only combat Veterans. I know that seems unusual but... of course I do all the other stuff too.
  4. You are welcome and thank you for your interest. I forgot the ABU and ...
  5. ok, here is my quick answer regarding the differences between them, It is does not includem variations of each ( for example DBDU earls or late) BDU = Battle Dress Uniform = available in Woodland Camo DBDU = Desert Battle Dress Uniform = Same Cut in 6 col. Desert Camo DCU=Desert Combat Uniform = Same cut as before in 3 col. Desert Camo in between CCU = Close Combat Uniform available in 3 col. Desert followed by an new design Uniform the ACU = Advanced Combat Uniform = available in UCP ( Univeral Camouflage Pattern) and OCP ( Multicam Afghanistan exclusive, more or less) FRACU = Fi
  6. Very much looking forward to see your coat. I will have to check the chest pockets, that will narrow the years even further down. Still, anyone think of a way I could research the owner ? Google did not bring up much.
  7. Well thank you all for your feedback, I can put it aside then knowing it is most likely a legit jaket.
  8. "He probably had INF box and the switched to SF box when authorized." just what I was thinking.... Any chance on more info on this person anyone ?
  9. Hi, i would like to show you my recent finds. I am one of those collecting an era most frown upon as to early to collect. Considering I live in Germany I consider nicely patched BDUs even a nicer find as those of you who can gra them of Thrift stores. Anyway, here are two nice BDU Tops from the same Guy And another BDU Top that is kind of a mistery to me. All the patches seem right, there is a nice Ghost of the missing SF Patches but what irritades me is that the SF BoS seem to have been attached later then all tho other patches. Only Reason that would make Sens
  10. Well and for the laugh.. My personal alltime Favorite.. http://www.duffelblog.com/2012/07/general-...ch-riot-ensues/
  11. Duffelblog ! Always getting you the first time ;-) The Story is fake but he picture has been floating in the web for a while...
  12. One can not tell by the pictures but it has Pouches for plates on front and back. From the size they look like they would fit the 4corner plate that goes into the RBA. The material itself is what I find most strange. Actually the complete Vest feels like a 90s serbian ripoff... Again, thank you all for your input.
  13. it is exactly what I thought when I first saw it... the only doubt I had was that I got it with a bunch of other gear directly from the woodworks as you call it, from a Special Forces Group. Anyway, thank you all for your opinions and your time.. Most likely will a picture of it worn during the Noriega Raid or something like that will show up 3 days after i sold it for a buck ;-)
  14. Noone ? Not the sligthest idea ? Or just not "old" enough
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