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  1. hi i've found today a grouping from a guy but i don't know this two items can someone help me ??? thanks a lot
  2. Hi I bought a few years ago a lot including shirt, pants, socks, boots, scarfs and dog tag from Corinne M. Sater. I don't have a lot of information about this woman, only that she was in Vietnam and Deutschland later. this is some pics done with another french reenactor "Anais" so if someone can find for me some informations, it will be great and also the way to contact the family thanks a lot this is what i have (but not sure) Name: SATER CORINNE M Branch: ARMY Rate: O05 Rank: LT COL MOS: 3448 MOS Title: Medical-Surgical Nurse Entered: 5707 Discharged: 781001 Service Numbe
  3. this is another pics taken by Guillaume Leroux : https://www.facebook.com/G.LEROUX.PHOTO?fref=ts LRRP - 25th ID - 1970
  4. hi guys, this is some new pics of the ACCAV: Location : Sully-sur-loire photos : Guillaume Leroux : https://www.facebook.com/G.LEROUX.PHOTO?fref=ts
  5. thanks a lot guys, i'm trying to do always my best
  6. Hi , this is one of my impressions USMC - Vietnam - 1969 - Operation Dewey Canyon
  7. Kammon-man, you want the seam of which part, pockets ? interior ? so a friend think also that's a copy, all your words confirm.
  8. Hi I've just received my first tiger stripe shirt but i don't know if it's an original or a copy. It's seems that the shirt had patches ans it missing the little pocket on the left shoulder. what do think about this : thanks for your answers some others pics some more It may be good . I have seen pockets like this before but 4 pocket type . show the seams please . owen Tigerstripe Products to me AG
  9. some new pics of us !! Uploaded with No_outside_hosting.us Uploaded with No_outside_hosting.us
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