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  1. Thank you all for taking the time to reply. I did not really think it was military but had to ask. You never know. Thanks again.
  2. The coloring and pattern kind of remind me of WW2 M1 liners. The profile looks like a CD helmet but I don't recall those having liners. It is at an upcoming estate sale in my area. Any ideas on what this is? Thanks
  3. I understand what you are saying and that occurred to me before I posted. But if they received it like that and are ignorant of military uniforms the point is someone made it up before they got. Probably with the intention of conning someone.
  4. I saw this on eBay a couple days ago. I contacted the seller and told them they should try to learn something about militaria if they are going to sell it. Here is their reply: We have included all of the information that we could find about these items. We are not the original owners of them, nor are we experts in militaria, so we have included the most accurate information that we have. If you have any additional information about this set of goods that you think we would benefit from, we would appreciate it. Thank you! I sent a msg back pointing out some of the obvious things and that they are selling a DSC and Silver Star which are prohibited on eBay. Here is a link to the listing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Complete-WWII-Unif...150909769874%26
  5. This is the first time I have posted in months. Just did not have anything worth showing. I went estate saling today and got this whistle for the grand sum of $1. It was hanging from a pipe in the basement. I looked at the pinned thread on whistles and did not find one quite like this. There was one marked PEI and 1944 but it was a USN item. Anybody know what PEI stands for? My idea is Police Equipment something. Just thought I would show it and ask if it is kind of rare or not. Mods feel free to use the images for reference if you want. Thanks, Dave
  6. Thank you for the reply. I guess I will head back to that thrift store tomorrow and buy it. I saw it Saturday night and they were closed today so it should still be there.
  7. Was there such a thing as brown dominant ERDL ponclo liners or were they all green dominant? Also did anyone make ERDL look-alike liners for the civilian market? I have a chance to buy a tour jacket dirt cheap in a couple days and need to know. BTW the jacket is not embroidered or marked in any way. It does have a YKK brass zipper. Thanks, Dave
  8. I waited a bit to see if anyone else would add to this. Thank You all for taking the time to answer. I guess the condition of the brass as pointed out by Ronnie means this is probably a more recent mod. On the other hand optimum storage conditions do result in the unexpected. So; rigger modification-unlikely. Thanks again, Dave
  9. Picked this up at a yard sale last week. Other than the male half of one snap being missing it looks like new! All the stenciling on the pockets is bold and not faded at all. The main thing I am wondering is about these leather straps that are riveted on. You can see where the web straps were cut off. The leather and rivets are very clean and at first glance look to be a recent mod, however the whole vest is in such good shape I think maybe it was done long ago. I could really use some opinions here - rigger mod or not? Thanks, Dave
  10. The WW2 ribbons would imply that this officer came on AD around 1943. Assuming he served for 40 years (highly unlikely, as a matter of fact I think it is not possible) how did he get FIVE Joint Service Achievment Medals since it did not even come into existence until 1983?
  11. That is really nice. I'm pretty sure that the Geneva Convention states that prisoners are allowed to keep items related to personal protection and welfare. Helmets, protective masks, canteens and so on. Of course the Japanese were not big followers of the Convention either.
  12. Is that supposed to be an abbreviation for lieutenant ahead of the name? I can't make out the second letter. I beleive that first off this would not be the way it would have been done then. I think Lieut. would be correct. Second, I don't think cadets would have held a rank such as that. I know they had a rank structure I just don't know what the terms may have been. This is just off the top of my head, I may be wrong.
  13. I saw this post in the Discussion Forums of ebay the other day. I waited to post it here until now hoping that the lady with the complaint would reply with info as to what is going on with the situation. Start with post 979. Mine is 980. It certainly sounds like a legitimate complaint. I can't see why anyone would make this up. I tried to find the item in question in completed listings and could not. I beleive they are only viewable for 60 days. http://forums.ebay.com/db1/topic/Historica...p;#msg514605590
  14. I just bought this 31st Field Artillery BOS at a yard sale today. One of the guns has the Meyer shield on the breech end and Meyer Metal on the muzzle end. This is my first purchase of a numbered Officers BOS of any type. There is a related post in QUAL BADGES, DUIs, & AWARDS.
  15. Hawkdriver, that sounds like great advice! I would like to make one small suggestion. Use wax paper between the valve discs and the cardboard. There is probably nothing wax paper will stick to.
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