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  1. That version has always intrigued me. There's a considerable amount of extra work involved just to add a stamped EGA which could have easily been stamped directly onto the cover. The extra material needed was not so much a big deal as there was probably plenty of cutting scraps to provide the diamond. Makes you wonder if they were produced with a special purpose in mind, for officers, etc. I've never had a chance to add one to my collection that was in my price range. That's a nice one.
  2. On my screen the thread under the stencil is black.
  3. Thanks Chris. Don't have a blacklight but all your points are valid. Dave
  4. I dug these out of a drawer during a fit of pandemic-based boredom. Are they original or fake? Thanks, Dave
  5. I believe they are called bridle rosettes. Fantastic art work. Dave
  6. The burlap is preserved under a thick coat of enamel-based paint forming a very hard and durable shell. Additionally the string net hold the burlap even more. Bits of buried burlap are still found at WWI battlefields after over 100 years in the ground.
  7. The condition of the camo helmet is how I found it at the estate sale decades ago. I can’t remember what additional militaria if any was there. As I recall I paid $5.00 or so. Everyone and anyone is allowed their opinion regarding the helmet. I have mine.
  8. The 36th was acquired directly from the vet’s son by noted 36th collector Mark Hatchel and was about the last thing he sold when he liquidated his collection in the late 80s or early 90s. I purchased it directly from him and it came with the officer’s paperwork and a photo of him wearing the helmet. One of my favorites.
  9. That’s assuming the helmet in question is Marine Corps in origin. Dave
  10. Jesus wept. Look at the thread with better photos of the liner.
  11. Owen that one wasn't mine. You can see mine on this thread post #29. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/33833-camo-m1-helmets/page-2 Dave
  12. If you do some searching on this forum there are some original examples of painted camouflage over burlap helmets that have been posted. Mine for example. I've never claimed mine to be a Marine Raider helmet but I know its provenance and it is in the original period configuration regardless of whether it ever left the country or served in combat. The Marine Raider claim is based a few photos and a lot of wishful thinking in my opinion. But please don't tar all such helmets with the "reproduction/fantasy" kiss of death. It's tiresome when perfectly original items are "queered" (to use an old and likely politically incorrect collecting term) because of one bad example. It's inevitable that a faker will recreate an item if there is a buck to be made, but every item should be evaluated on its own merits and not summarily written off as a group. It's a shame to see the lack of respect and civil discourse that is so pervasive on other forums creeping into this forum. Try to fight your inner jackass and discuss matters without the cynicism and too clever by half comments. One upmanship gets old quick.
  13. Here's mine. A silk version.
  14. There were still small stacks of unissued WWII helmet liners at surplus stores into the 1980's in my area. I found one surplus store that even had significant quantities of unissued nape straps and liners. No chinstraps though.
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