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  1. can you post a closeup of the certificate? never seen one of those either?
  2. Have you got the original sheath with the knife?
  3. Those are some sweet looking 1911s, mine turns 100 years old this year or maybe next. still fires like a dream, though I have cut down on the amount of ammo I let her eat these days!
  4. can you post another pic of the knife in the bottom picture of post #7? is it metal of one of those composite blades?
  5. orko

    numbered sog

    Any photos? :think: ......
  6. I think you should hold off at least till next year, being the 100 annivarsary you may see an extreme spike in what the economy will bear.
  7. I am sure this topic has been discussed in detail, but my search didn't reveal some of the questions i had I have got a display I am looking to complete, involves several cut edge patches and flashes that I have spent quite a bit of time/energy getting together. anyhow I am looking to frame it but want to ask around before I do something that can't be undone (especially after reading some horror stories). At this point I am not sure it I am going to take it to a frame shop or not but if I decide to go that route I want to be sure they are using the correct stuff on it. whats the recomende
  8. I know there are reversed variations to this patch out there but, I am wondering how rare this variation of the 74th RCT with the missing sale?
  9. what you have there looks to be an old deployment bag for an extraction chute, thats the parachute that pulls the airdrop load out of the plane. deploys the same as the ones on race cars.
  10. this is pretty cool, not sure if its my thing though.
  11. orko

    M3 knife

    I'll take a stab at it, hard to tell by the photos but it looks as if the pommel has 2 pins going through it. if thats the case it narrows down the manufactures. my first guess would be Camillus Cutlery where during the time period they produced 402,909 knives of the total produced from all makers ( 2,590,247) looks like it would need some love, if you had a chance to hold it you could determine if there was major pitting or rust. Or if the handle was tight or dry rotting. these factors could further determine what a collector may pay, but its hard to give an actual cash value as far as w
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