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  1. That's interesting, Thank you Chris. I couldn't find one on ebay or anywhere. Are they rare?
  2. I know Whitehead & Hoag is a well known button/badge maker. This badge, for lack of a better word, is pasted in a WWI photo album from an unnamed US Navy veteran. The slits on either side make me think it had a ribbon that ran around a sleeve or hat or something. My suspicion is it is for a hat as I cannot believe celluloid would survive as an armband. Those are my suppositions. What do you all think?
  3. I have to resurrect this old photo, although it was posted over four years ago. About a year ago I got a WWI YMCA uniform that belonged to Carrie Buhrman who is local where I live in Virginia. Carrie is in the above picture, big smile, no hat middle row, first on right without hat and below on right standing with hat. If you have this original photo I would love to get a copy to add to her collection.
  4. The color and sand paint is a good indicator of age. WWII is darker green with cut up bits of cork for texture
  5. Far right on top is WWI as are the two zinc US Army buttons on either side of the French button
  6. USO, OSU... no idea. Came with other military stuff so I assume it is military but at this point I don't know. Apologies if it turns out to not be.
  7. Hello, I just won a WWI navy jumper that was on ebay in the date unknown section. Knew it was WWI from the 6 months warzone service chevron. He had a right sleeve rating which is long gone (I'm sorry my photo of the area does not show up well but you can tell where it was in person). His last name is Jacobson with a W middle initial. I think first name starts with an F but it could be a smudged T. Can anyone help get him identified so I can try to replace the missing rating?
  8. Thank you Rob, I had seen that website but really was just looking at the unit history. I hadn't idea he had actually submitted information and photos. I'm especially excited about the photos since the family kept those. The one newspaper mentions his promotion to major and battalion XO but I wasn't sure when he went to the 92nd so that helps date it 1952, 53. Wish the rest of the uniform in the picture survived but now I can get the shirt insignia and be certain of it being correct. Does the photo appear to be his HBT?
  9. Some provenance, newspaper articles, VMI book on the Class of 1939 and an interesting alumni book that belonged to a fellow classmate who was KIA in WWII.
  10. This is a grouping that came up for sale a couple weeks ago in Salem VA from the family. Unfortunately the insignia sold separately very high. I suspect the family picked the items and bought it for shadow boxes which is fine, not everyone needs 50 uniforms hanging around. Some uniforms are missing insignia/patches but often different pieces missing from each uniform. Wish they had left some intact. Harman Paul Bigler graduated from VMI in 1939 as a Civil Engineer. He was called up to active army service in the 99th Field Artillery (a mounted unit, part of 1st cav) in March 1941. The collectio
  11. Yeah that is very strange, but looking online, it looks like all the crossed rifles of the 1895-1905 period have the left hand rifle.
  12. Today I picked up a rare piece of local history, from Farmer Auctions, which was in the Wood estate from Clifton Forge, VA. I bought a costume jewelry lot because I knew it had an interesting military hat badge. The Clifton Forge Rifles were a local Virginia voluntary militia unit starting, on paper, in 1900 and disbanding no later than 1907. From what rosters I can find online the company was 54 men in 1901 (this was the first year, only the name was created in 1900 and Virginia commissioned the officers, first men started enlisting in January 1901). There were 56 men in 1902, 59 men in 1903
  13. Diamond Head, German band (is this purely for tourists? They still have the Weimar flag even though the NSDAP was in power by they), USAT Republic docking in Honolulu, a different army transport coming in to dock
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