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  1. Both are in really good shape great mines
  2. Your smoke is the correct construction to be Vietnam era
  3. nice finds great 25lb bomb and 2.36 rocket
  4. Great photos I'm so jealous Ive been wanting to make it there for years
  5. nice MKII looks great I haven't had much luck with flea markets around here
  6. yep both practice grenades would have had a cork plug in the bottom
  7. it does look a little to yellow to me but I would still have it in my museum great find if you hold a few originals you can get a feel for the paint aswell
  8. I concur 2.75in rocket fins and Blu-3 just make sure the body of the Blu-3 has the bb fragmentation to it if its a smooth body that has been repainted its a BDU-28 which is the practice version
  9. great find at an even better price
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