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  1. Hi, Saw this post and wanted to reply. It is a Dutch manufactured copy of the standard US GP strap. The same hooks were also used on the strap that was used for their copy of the Canadian gas mask bag.
  2. Hello, The modification illustrated is for the Canadian parachute forces who modified the helmet in this way for their usage. See the book: "Tin Lids" by Roger Lucy for more information regarding this change to US liners.
  3. Fantastic find that you have illustrated. I collect mostly Commonwealth kit and am on this forum for the obscure items that I also need information on for my US collection. The bag you have on eBay and which is being spoken about is illustrated on page 29 of "D-Day Paratroopers" by John Bouchery. This is the volume that covers French, Canadian and British Paratroopers. It is a specially modified leg bag that was used for carrying special equipment. The caption suggests possibly radios or explosives. The one that is in the book was owned by SAS Sergent Chappelle. It is from the Bouchery collect
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