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  1. thanks for the info. Have a few more stuff putting it up soon. thanks guys
  2. your welcome here is the finished one on display....i need to build a better display.
  3. few more items that came in all got from ebay....some good some bad.... but at least one thing real
  4. ok few more items just finished up. magpul mags done up. sorry bit modern.
  5. The master was ok to do depend on how much detail you want to put in....i did not do alot of the details (since this was for my costume group here in Singapore and it is just used for events). I think i left out alot of details but i kept the general shape. The Thompson is more square shapes so it is easy to do...if i was going to do a mp40 or 1911 colt which has more rounded body it will take more time to do all the shaping and carving. Blue foam is very easy to work and shape with and can do it quick.
  6. i see..ok understood. i agree they should have just gone with one type instead of all different. Now even for collectors that would be a huge pain..have to collect all different uniform version.
  7. so are they going as acu or multi? or just mix still....
  8. Hey guys i just been watching some of the home coming video on CNN today...and noticed that the troops were wearing all multicam gear when they were greeted by their family...so has the army finally switched to multicam? thanks for the help
  9. Here is the blue foam master that i use to create the mold.
  10. Took me 3 days 1 night to do the master 1 day to mold and cure the mold then 1 day to cast and paint and assemble I did an early mock up in 2 days all out of foam and cover with epoxy... Not good but nice to check the size
  11. Since i am working Singapore thought i share this little gem of a place with you folks back home. Took this over the weekend. This is Fort Siloso on the resort island of Santosa. The only restored gun fort in Singapore. Very educational and a nice wax museum to boot. Fort Silso was also used as a POW during the occupation and later Japanese forces fortified it. If you want i have a few copies of the tour map and guide....Pm me and i will send it to you. Also by the way they have a casino and universal studio Singapore now on the same island so fun for the whole family.
  12. Blue foam is ok for me when i was working for an ID firm. good for sketch model i agree. renshape foam i cant get a hold of here....only got pink or blue. Thought about building chamber out of plastic containers and use my household vacuum cleaner but my wife would kill me for that...haha. Working on a vacuum form machine now. currently sketch building an m3 now.
  13. if never refund then open a case in paypal and freeze it. the white looks bit too new for me.
  14. this was a stanag mag project that i also did in resin. this comes with painted round on top. Most guys here use to put these in their vest pouches during event to make it more real...since real stanag mag is not allowed here i have to make my own from scratch.
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