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  1. Hellô it's been several years since I have possessed a bibe that belonged to a Marines a god to me his registered name is Donald .e. day several times I wanted to launch research but there the life made that but now it is the good one I would like so much that it is alive there it would be a real happiness that it could recover it lou unfortunately if it us left that his family can recover it I am attaching the photos I am attached the bible is in excellent summer I took care of it it is in excellent condition Martial from France
  2. I just wanted to say that the headband can be confusing that's all, I never intended to buy it I knew very well that it was a reproduction for tourist it was to show that at the moment there were more and more on the internet.
  3. Yes but luckily that the internet is there especially when we live outside the us we can come across great deals. I will post some soon.Mais the best is in collectors and in France there are some.
  4. Yes of course I read the advice and I know it's a mistake but the headband still looks a lot like that of my erdl beret which is an original
  5. There are plenty on the internet right now.
  6. Hello all, True or false Regards
  7. Hello all, My berets
  8. Hello all, Beret made with a camouflage parachute canvas and headband hat garrison cap ML
  9. Hello Guys, I present to you one of the most beautiful piece of my collection and one of the rarest flak vest 3/4 collar DSA-100 with the epaulettes which will disappear later it is the replace of the flak vest M1952A. Mars
  10. Hello all, Beret era Vietnam war fake or original ? Thanks
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