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  1. Hello all, My berets
  2. Hello all, Beret made with a camouflage parachute canvas and headband hat garrison cap ML
  3. Hello Guys, I present to you one of the most beautiful piece of my collection and one of the rarest flak vest 3/4 collar DSA-100 with the epaulettes which will disappear later it is the replace of the flak vest M1952A. Mars
  4. Seen on the internet
  5. Hello all, Beret era Vietnam war fake or original ? Thanks
  6. Helicopter crew chief James Farley with tiger stripe flight suits Da Nang 1965
  7. Hello, Could you tell me what model it is and when it was
  8. I found is a Advisor type dense pattern ARVN Classics ADD
  9. Hello, What is the pattern ? I think a VNMD
  10. Hello all, Could you tell me what is tis pattern and also what is the are marking. I think what she been modified Regards
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