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  1. Hello and welcome to the forum 😀 -Ryan in Roanoke
  2. Looking for the Purple Heart named to Edward J. Engleman, Killed in Action on September 23rd, 1944. Will pay whatever it takes. Please PM me if you have it. Thanks, -Ryan
  3. Hello all, I've been going through some of my tags and just noticed something interesting about a couple of them. One is half a house and the other is a half street. I don't recall ever seeing the little 1/2 stamp on tags before but maybe I just haven't been paying enough attention. Anybody else have any examples? -Ryan
  4. Here is Rady next to Payne as well as the Emedals group.
  5. Just to stir things up a bit and further the discussion, here is another one I recently picked up with the middle initial on its own line. This engraving is much smaller than the Payne medal. I have found almost nothing on Rady so far and I'm assuming he served in Korea or Vietnam. I bought it with no story attached, just as-is. Emedals.com has a Korean War group listed that has a Purple Heart with the same type of engraving: https://www.emedals.com/a-korean-war-purple-heart-group-to-sergeant-john-l-hunt
  6. Dave, I'd be happy to send you the Payne medal to measure any time ? -Ryan
  7. While trying to find other examples of middle initials engraved on their own lines, I noticed that my photos are now absent from this post. Probably because at the time I posted them I was young and reckless and used photobucket... Anyway, I'm adding images of the medal in question back to the post. The link in the first post that goes to a news article about finding a Purple Heart with the same style of engraving still appears to work, even though the image does not show up in the post.
  8. Welcome to the forum ? What part of Virginia?
  9. I know someone who recently walked away from an item they had been hunting for years, over about about a 10% gap in his price and the sellers price. He said "I'll find another one someday at the price I want to pay". I love his optimism but I guess what confuses me is that he had been looking for this specific item for a while and there it was, but instead of paying a little over his ideal price he let it go, only to continue looking for another one for slightly less money. On the flipside, I know another collector whose approach is just the opposite. If he finds a piece he's been looking for he'll pretty much pay whatever it takes, especially at auctions. Not that he's wealthy by any means, he would just prefer to spend the extra money, get the piece he wants and stop worrying about trying to find one. So I guess my question is: If it's something special that you have been trying to find but the price makes you cringe, would you walk away and wait, or grit your teeth and pay the price? And to what extent? If it should be a $500 item would you go $600, $700? I've bought a couple of things for way, WAY more than I should have paid but I don't regret it. I have the pieces I wanted and I didn't know if or when I'd ever have another opportunity to add them to my collection. Anybody ever pay a painful price for something you were determined to get? Was it worth it? Or did you walk away from something over price and then regret it? Just curious
  10. I just watched this one end at $150 with 30+ bids... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Military-Medal-Purple-Heart-Never-Issued-/264691673604?nma=true&si=PxjrUOzpF6fmjzydv%252FmVv%252FQ4LIo%253D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 I had my account suspended for 30 days about a year ago for listing a Purple Heart. Still tempting to list a couple and see if I can get 2 or three times retail like some of these are going for Edit: Immediately after posting this I got a notification from Ebay with a purchase recommendation...
  11. Here is the one I've had for several years. Acquired from an extremely reliable and trusted source. -Ryan
  12. Hello all, I just thought I'd share this medal I've had for a bit. It was offered to me with scans of paperwork and I knew right off the bat it was fishy. The seller insisted he got it directly from the family "many years ago". I told him it was definitely not officially government engraved and at best it was something the family had done privately. He was adamant that it was the one sent to the family in WWII. Then I told him that I already have the one sent to his family, including the original paperwork that he somehow had scans of, and showed him a picture of it on my phone. The seller adjusted his story a bit, as well as the price. I bought it to get it out of circulation. I'm still not entirely sure what went on here, but in his adjusted story it sounded like he might have been the mark at some point. One of the names he mentioned in his revised story was a red flag, a local collector known for embellishment. To the sellers credit, he did sell me a 100% legit local KIA Purple Heart with paperwork and a framed portrait about a month before he offered me this one. He's also been telling me about an Iwo Jima Purple Heart he has for over a year now. I've yet to see it... My pictures aren't the best but in hand you can see how new the engraving looks and the little burn lines in the letters from the laser engraving. Maybe the family had it done, maybe he had it done, who knows. -Ryan
  13. Thanks for the input on these. If the NPRC ever re-opens I'll send off for his records. Interestingly enough I picked up another pair of jump wings from a different source a couple days ago that are initialed and dated. I'll be posting those on here as well. Thanks again -Ryan
  14. Thank you! I never would have figured that out on my own You have saved me a great deal of aggravation -Ryan
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