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  1. Just finished The Reaper, by Nicholas Irving. I'd seen some of Irving's youtube videos and thought I'd go ahead and pick up his book. It was a quick read and definitely kept my attention. Obviously it's more contemporary military history but it's an interesting insight into how these guys operated in Afghanistan.
  2. Came across this photo of what appears to be temporary graves for U.S. soldiers who died in the Philippines. Looks like they died of smallpox.
  3. Looks like the traceable numbers in the book end at 34012 😕
  4. Tragic. What a horrible thing to happen to anyone, let alone a kid. I always worry a little bit about live grenades and live rounds being sold by accident. I was in a local antique mall several years ago and spotted a presumably inert can of tear gas but I didn't look too closely at it. A couple hours later there was a story on the news about the place being evacuated because someone had pulled the pin on a can of tear gas...
  5. Looking for the WWI Purple Heart of John H. B. Bandy. I have some items of his, including the medal paperwork, but the medal was not with it. John Henry Buron/Buren Bandy of Roanoke Virginia. If you have it or find it, you can name your price just please PM me. Thanks, -Ryan
  6. My goals are mostly to just organize what I already have and only add pieces that fill in some gaps. The main goal is to find a Vietnam KIA Purple Heart to a service member buried in Arlington. It's been a surprisingly difficult thing to find.
  7. Thanks for the information, I wasn't sure exactly when it would date to.
  8. I picked this up in a mixed lot of newer medals recently and got excited at first, but then saw it was a crimp broach. From what I can tell it is still not an easy medal to find, but at least a couple have sold on ebay within the last few months. No ribbon or box with it but still nice to find mixed in with a bunch of good conducts, ndsm's, and occupation medals 🙂 -Ryan
  9. Solid advice given already but what I'll add is communicate and pack it well. USPS does not care what is in your package or how many times you stamp "fragile" on it. Pack your stuff as if it's going to be dropped a time or two along the way, because it probably will be. It may or may not be a big deal but I like polite communication between buyers and sellers. Years ago I got a message from a seller that basically said "thanks for your purchase, i packed your (whatever) in such and such manner, it should reach you safe and sound but please let me know if there are any problems, thanks again".
  10. And there are still hundreds more, framed and unframed, all sizes. Cabinet cards, CDV's, loose photos, paperwork, albums, letters, etc. Plus thousands of non-military photos as well...
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