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  1. I served in the Navy from July 1979 to July of 1983. My boot camp graduation photo is the only time I ever wore the Service Dress Blue jacket. The suit-and-tie uniform was being phased out. They were talking about bringing back the crackerjack uniform, but I was issued the all-black shirt uniform, white shirt and black pants outfit and the all-white tropical white long. Each uniform required a combination cap (with white cover) and the so-called "female" cap device.
  2. Are you buying to collect or to wear. If you are a collector of insignia, you don't need two of every item unless they come in mirror pairs. The only time you need both chevrons is to place them on a uniform. That is called faking an item. If you are selling an item you should say so.
  3. Read the question again. I asked if there were any OTHER types of BLUE cloth material used besides felt-type material. I wasn't asking about OTHER color materials.
  4. Sorry. These are NOT shoulder stars. The horizontal orientation makes them collar stars. Shoulder stars would have a vertical orientation.
  5. Does anyone have any information about whether or not the infant USAF ever wore the Army-style Technician (Corporal to Staff Sergeant with a "T" in the center) chevrons. Every reference I have seen, shows these in the charts of ranks used. Does anyone have any photos with clearly identified USAF personnel wearing these chevrons. Please remember that, according to Into the Blue by Lance P. Young. page 137, 4th paragraph, the army-style chevrons were never seen on the blue uniform. Although the new blue and silver chevrons were worn on army style uniforms.
  6. Can anyone enlighten me as to the identification of this patch? It measures two (2) inches in diameter.
  7. According to Navy Regulations (2006) gold good conduct chevrons are NOT worn on the Winter Blue Uniform. Nor are service stripes. So, the Corpsman will not be putting them on this shirt.
  8. I believe Lordship industries is out of business. I seem to remember they were busted for selling Medals of Honor. I had newspaper articles about this, but lost all my military material about 3 years ago. It's probably on the internet.
  9. These are upside down. The hashmarks should be below the "E". Straight bars were worn from 18 January 1938 to 17 December 1957. Slanted hashmarks from 18 December 1957 until the cloth "E" was replaced by a ribbon in 1976. Interestingly enough, you can only indicate 4 awards of the Battle E with the new ribbon. The first award ribbon includes one silver E. 4 awards is indicated by an E in a wreath, all in silver. Once you have that, that's all you're allowed, regardless of how many you actually were awarded. I believe only operating forces are eligible. IE, ships and aircraft squadrons. Also, different ship types don't compete against each other. Carrier vs carrier and support type ships against each other. You would have to check navy regs to get the current requirements.
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