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  1. I would say the first photo is correct and the second photo is wrong. The blade is covering the "U" in USMC in the second photo which would not be acceptable to the Corps. All the best Frank Trzaska
  2. Outstanding display, I have a few of them myself and like the presentations on some. Nice Job.
  3. I thought they were made by a vibrating or electro tool so under magnification you should be able to see a series of faint dots.
  4. Replica made circa 1984. I wrote about them over ten years ago, I have it posted on the Reproduction Recognition page as well. http://www.usmilitaryknives.com/v42.htm All the best Frank Trzaska
  5. The last one I sold in late 2017 was $2500.00 with scabbard and both prongs intact. An extremely hard to find knife and that seems to be the going price. With the original letter in color that is a very good deal.
  6. Finding a sheath alone will be tough but not impossible, be patient. No way to tell where that Collins No 18 machete has been. They made them for many years both before and after the war. Good looking one with the bright green grips.
  7. I purchased a few of the prop knives from that sale. They were the rubber ones and they used the recent Camillus USMC knives obtained directly from Camillus for the mold.
  8. Two great knives, I always liked the custom handled Mk2's and this one looks really well done. I would agree with your original assumption that the Petrie sheath is a replacement, does not look like any of the originals I have seen. Can he supply any support to this being original? Inquiring minds would love to know!
  9. Wow I remember this thread, lots of people were not happy with me over this one. The values of all those knives dropped fast... I had quite a few myself and still do. I still think they are cool knives just not WW II era UDT knives. Lots of memories but not all are fond!! ;-)
  10. Look forward to seeing it Bill!
  11. They are real for sure, I am not commenting on this one but they were made. The pattern was developed and 40 test pieces were made at Springfield Arsenal, so far three have shown up that I know about. Our forum member Robin has one that I used for photos when I wrote a detailed article for the Society of American Bayonet Collectors several years back. Our old forum member Carter Rila and I pulled some files from the National Archives on Bolos and made the case as written proof and Robins bayonet was the physical proof. Since that time another has shown up and now this one. Super Rare but I wou
  12. I spent a few days wandering around the show as well. Bought a few bayonets at the Friday night auction held by The Society of American Bayonet Collectors. The SABC holds their annual dinner meeting and show and tell each year at this event. The speaker this year was Alex Mackenzie, Curator at the Springfield Armory. He had a video of the Ordnance Department in 1919 with all the weapons used by all sides of the war on display in Paris, Planes, Tanks, MG's you name it. They also had a parade float with an organ on it that was decorated with bolos, bayonets swords etc. A good time. Baltimore is
  13. Very cool knife. The reamer as you term it is a standard pattern can opener used by Schrade. The can opener we all know today, the safety can opener that cut on a down stroke was invented during WW II and used openly by the government that did not need to abide by any patents protections. Post war it was back to using the pre war version for most companies as Imperial / Ulster (Kingston) or actually Albert Baer held the Patent rights. My thoughts only... Stainless was expensive and hard to produce and work with so the cast aluminum scales were a way to reduce the price. Can't prove tha
  14. No worries usmce4, believe me I have made my fair share of mistakes! We do this for fun, lets not lose sight of that part.
  15. Here are copies of the production cards on the 1949 where I got the info from. I have not found how many they made yet. All the best Frank Trzaska
  16. Actually many different materials are used in the 1949 example. Spear blade is 440B Stainless Steel Can Opener 420 SS Screwdriver 420 SS Punch 420 SS Grip Liners 430 SS Center and side scales Brass Pins (exposed) and Clevice (Bail) 18% Nickel Silver Pins (internal) Brass Stud for Screwdriver 416 SS In any case great find in super condition! All the best Frank Trzaska
  17. Nice score, a very hard to find piece in great condition, well done.
  18. Greg has done a great job of documenting the knives and their differences in this book, even us old dogs learned a few new bits in here. Good clear photos help to distinguish the patterns of the markings and the fonts as well as a load of period photos showing the knives being worn. Well Done Greg!
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