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  1. The Angston - Kox Co. of Chicago Ill. Contract # P-6417-4235 EQ let by Ordnance Dept on 5/22/18 for $159,750.00. Government supplied the material so deducted $20,750.00 from the total leaving the final payment at $139,002.00


    All the best

    Frank Trzaska





  2. Another nice find, you are a very good hunter, keep at it! 


    Camillus and Schrade and Imperial often worked together. They did have the same owner (Albert Baer) at one point so much of the parts, systems, etc were shared. They also shared contracts, Camillus was the largest contract cutlery maker I know of. They made knives under different names for most other cutlery companies out there.

  3. Not that I know of, they are all identical. It was probably a "run on" condition where they just kept making them under a different contract number.

  4. That's my theory on many of them, simple mistake. I have seen pommels installed upside down on the M3 with the Ordnance bomb inside. Old rusted example with the leather rotted away, had a photos somewhere of it. Shared it with Vince Coniglio back in the 1990's but never made it into his first book.


    I have also seen Mk2's with the pommels installed upside down as well as a Camillus with the split collet nut screw pommel installed upside down, how they ever got it tight is a guess to me. In any case it happened.

  5. The drawing is Revision B and dated 12-9-1930 so was most likely updated with the name change as well as the spec changes. I would like to see the original dated 1919 to see what it says and compare.

  6. A country-of-origin stamp is required on all knives imported into U.S. after the 1890 Tariff Act. It still is. Today they also use decals and stencils that come right off but it meets the requirements.


    Around 1950 350,000 FS knives were sold by the UK government to various US surplus companies. They were sold for years for just a few bucks, $2.95 to $4.95. 1st, 2nd and 3rd models, beaded and roped were included with the sales and can all be found stamped ENGLAND.




  7. I would agree with all the above that this is a great book everyone should own. Super information not found anywhere else and lots of great and hard to find knives. Greg makes some leaps of faith with his theories , something I just can't do :-), but has really compelling reasons behind them. There is just so much unknown on many of these type knives digging through all the legends and mis-information is daunting, Greg has done an admirable job is separating the wheat from the chaff. A top quality book written on good paper and solid ink, the photos are reproduced well and the text is clear. I had it next to my reading chair for a week going over every detail before I would write anything like this, buy the book you will not be sorry.

    Great Job Greg!


    All the best

    Frank Trzaska

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