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  1. Remains of the Lt Bars.
  2. A2 Pic1 Ignore the nametapes that are on it at the moment, the previous owner admitted he had added these as his relative was in the USAAF.
  3. Hi guys, I think I will struggle to get anything out of NARA due to me not being a US citizen! I will get some photos up soon. Unfortunately the previous owner has put another name tag over the original holes for the original nametape. It still retains its original LT bars though. As I say, pictures to follow tonight...
  4. thehellrazor

    New A-2

    Hi all, I have just purchased my first original A-2 jacket. The actual jacket is really nice, however I am dubious on the story that came with it. It is meant to be named to Harry G Mason, 305 BG, however there is no name in it, and the stamp in the back only says M-2232. Could some perhaps help with any confirmation that this is Masons serial number please? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi all, Ive been looking through the 3 Bancroft crushers I have in my collection and noticed that there is a number stamped in the top of the liner at the front of the hat in black ink. Ive got one with a 4 stamped in it, one with a 7 and one with an 8. Does anyone know what this number means? Is it relating to a style? If so, does anyone have any catalogue for them and what the differences are? If Ive not explained where the number is located - please let me know and Ill try and take some pictures! Thanks in advance.... Ramsey Green.
  6. Hi all, Im trying to find out which branch of service did investigations on crashed V1 and V2 sites? Not sure if Im asking in the right place or not. Any help appreciated. Thanks,
  7. Hi Tim, Good to see you on here! If anyone is interested in seeing the guns firing - here is a video of us at Beltring (as British 1st Airlanding Light Regiment, RA). We have taken them out as American - mainly as the 456th PFAB in Normandy. Regards,
  8. Hi folks, I purchased this tunic a couple of weeks ago, and Ive been unable to find any reference to it in my books.... Can anyone help with its identification? Many thanks,
  9. Hi Beau, Yeah, thats the conclusion I came to as well..... The bullion wings look like shirt sized ones also. Thanks for your valued opinion! Regards,
  10. Hey folks, Whats your opinion on the following; http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...A:IT&ih=012 Item number: 220205819932 if the link doesnt work. Regards,
  11. Dear Brian, Be really interested to see the Ike Jacket. It is something I am really interested in, as I know 3 people with 75mm Pack Howitzers. Any other pictures of the 456th would be greatly appreciated! Very best regards, Ramsey Green.
  12. Took a picture of this patch probably about a year ago now, and always been meaning to post it! Anyone know any info or background to it? Cheers,
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