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  1. Thanks, just really something that he actually had this book in hand, plus where he grew up is just a couple miles from where I live now
  2. thanks! what medals would be correct for this case? I was trying to figure out what the writing on the back of the single ribbon bar stood for.
  3. numbered 4274 with ribbon bar. trying to figure out if case is correct, and if this numbered cross can be traced.
  4. No. 2019 any way to trace this medal? thanks Mike
  5. M. No. 195 any way to trace this medal? thanks Mike
  6. M.No. 5190 any way to trace this one? thanks Mike
  7. Hi, I have a similar wing, sterling is on the other side from the shield, the examples I have seen on the forum noted as restrikes seem to have sterling on the shield side, plus it is a clutch back. opinions?
  8. I can't find any info on this one with the thin stamped suspension ring attachment. not from any official maker that I can find
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