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  1. A pic of the barrel markings would be good to show also, as well as stock cartouches.
  2. Thanks for posting the group, that is really something. I had forgotten about this thread too, thanks for brining it back up
  3. That is a really nice set, the rig aside from the pistol, is great, and not so easy to find. Congrats
  4. Some folks would put their issued rifle's battlesight zero in the stock on a piece of paper in the event someone screwed with the sights, so they could easily dial it right back in when they checked it out.
  5. I would think $300 for the set would be a decent asking price to start with, be great for an M16 display of some sort.
  6. Just out of curiosity, does the MOLLUS organization still closely guard medal info and refuse to give it out? They took that approach a number of years ago, but no idea if that is still the case?
  7. Sign up on the CMP Forum and / or Gunboards and post the serial number of the 1911 he had. Who knows, maybe someone has it in their collection? Stranger things have happened.
  8. S.H. - Station Hospital? I assume?
  9. It is Central or South American possibly?
  10. I don't collect these things, but I watched the auction as I was just curious what this would sell for. Final sale price - $12,026.00. Guess I won't be buying any Rare Blued WW2 1911A1 pistols any time soon. Wow.
  11. Here is a great website. GOOGLE is your friend. http://usriflecal30m1.com/ProductionGraph.aspx
  12. Really dumb question here but... was it a full size wool one that once went through a washer and then a clothes dryer and it shrunk? A lot?
  13. Never had one in hand. Hidden underneath the pouches, are there grommets for hooking in a canteen or holster then?
  14. I think this is the only picture I have which actually shows what I think is a fighting knife. It's always bayonets I ever see. Thought others might enjoy seeing this
  15. Came across this one also. Just posted it for reference due to the band painted on it
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