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    I started off reenacting in the black powder time periods and gradually moved into ww2, from there started collecting. Planted a glacier now have a basement and attic full of the stuff and two ww2 dodges in the driveway... My love ing and quite understanding wife has started doing ww2 reenacting with me, FFI though. <br /> Than there are the guns.... Some might say I have too many. Mostly ww1-ww2 firearms. But when the zombies come, I will not seem so crazy will I? <br /> Sorry bad cop humor..... <br /> And of course working on the vintage weaponry that has a bad tendency to break lead to becoming an expert on .... firearms repair.... After several years of doing this for a few years for myself and friends, It became apparent that there was some need for my certain set of skills. So Old trooper gunsmith was born. Now If I cam only turn a profit, I will be all set. I keep blowing money on more old military man killers...And the wife won't let me forget that.....
  1. fold down ammo can rack for a AFV? Probably a half track and for .50 cans?
  2. 14 years in the guard, 2 trips to "gods catbox" and a few other "choice" places, and i still get accused of "just playing" military. My favorite was when our base hosted a "stagedoor canteen" event. And I had acquired authorization (signed off by 3 generals no less)to bring my extensive weapons display. After having many vets and current military members from all branches paw over most of the collection. I kept getting asked my a lot of officers and senior NCO types "You sure do know a lot about these things, you ever military?". Apparently they (and most of the public) just see a outd
  3. They are simply replacement parts, not unheard of. Heck look at the movie "kellys heroes" M-28's and M-1's with mixed parts. M-1 sights on 28 receivers, compensator on smooth barrels. They interchange, so there is no limit to a combat armorers creativity or is it desperation to keep his units weapons running...
  4. Untill than, you might want to place the unexploded (if it is not solid shot) ordinance in a bucket of used transmission fluid. Sounds crazy, but the high detergent oil will penetrate the casing, soaking into what may lie inside. Soaks the primer and blasting agent. Turns the fragile and possibly volatile primer to an inert goop.. As a bonus it cleans up the outer casting. worth a shot! Good luck and be careful, more advice from the old ordinance man....
  5. Most of your better units will have two impressions. We (Able 506th) have the "summer" (Normandy)uniform of the m-42's with the clean helmets, all the netting and mostly khaki gear. Our "winter" (Holland, rest of war) is 43 uniforms with double buckles (mostly), od gear and scorched and dirty pots... The "grunge level" depends on how late in the war it is.. Doesn't every group do this?
  6. It will clip onto a standard 1903, but the only thing keeping it in place would be the bayonet lug clip. Unfortunately it shifts quite a bit with nothing to secure it to the muzzle.
  7. For what it is worth the Air Force is still issuing the old law rockets... The logic as explained to me was "Why do you need anything bigger when you have a wing of A-10's at the end of a radio?"...... Go figure, I can almost imagine the call to EOD: "It is where?!?!?!"
  8. I thought the whole purpose of this was age a "new" issued pot to look like it has been in combat and abused. Not to make it look like it was in combat and abused 70+ years ago! That's why I use the white gas stove, the soot rubs off and , well darn you just have to cook out of it again....
  9. A true piece of history and a level of craftsmanship that is seldom seen in today's "get it quick" world... Thank you for sharing this prime example of the bygone gunsmiths art.
  10. Ahh, have to get this back on track.. We have forgotten the Joy ride tanker... These guys must have a few screws loose. First most of them have some sort of tank (yeah, I know ) that is usually a really obvious post war item. Like an "easy 8" sherman or one of those diesel Stug assault guns. Have it painted in the glossiest paint I have ever seen on a military vehicle and than top it with every flag imaginable.. And than have the tendency to drive the said multi ton"death machine" like a highschooler with a learners permit! Or the opposite, the guy who was driving an M-1 Abram
  11. Ahh... The infamous "Kelly's heroes" Thompson Mag bag makes another appearance!!
  12. Ohh... the German machine gun supremacy Brigade.... These guys re fight ww2 by all having mp-40's or some sub gun. Than have a half dozed "gas guns" that are set so low that you can not tell if their shooting or farting... only the new people have a k98... Or the German units at a normandy event that has a mix of g43's and svt-40's with the mp44's thrown in. Yeah, not a good idea to ask these guys for their paperwork on their NFA weapon... It did not go over well... Better a sight organizer than the ATF... Yeah there is a good deal of "bad" weaponry being used by
  13. Yes, almost forgot about the real life video game character These people never take hits and believe the whole thing revolves around them and the vast amount of really wretched gear they are wearing.... Thankfully this seems to be confined to modern time periods. Until "medal of honor: rebs revenge" comes out... Or "call of duty VI: American revolution"!! Or god forbid another "epic" (note the implied sarcasm) movie series comes out on hbo.... But that is fodder for another rant....
  14. When I first saw the "crows" system in Mosil in 2005 it showed some promise. Looks like they sure worked out the bugs.... Home security system? Wonder if I can talk my wife into it? Sure my cat will not like it though...
  15. Either we have met the same people, or this is an epidemic!! We need to have an intervention with these people, Where are my frags?? C-4 maybe?? Willysmb44, I feel your pain. I own a Dodge 3/4 ton... 55mph, downhill, with a tail wind, and a jato unit....... I have to use a 3500 series truck and a backhoe trailer for that @#% monster... But what would disqualify it from "trailer queen" status is: 1: do you get it dirty? 2: have you gotten it scratched and not had a coronary or similar breakdown? 3: Have more people than you ever ridden in the jeep?
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