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  1. Some guy is trying to claim that he saw this during a factory tour as a newly proposed USAF badge. I say that it is the old badge I referenced above superimposed on the current cyberspace operations badge. What do you guys think?
  2. Good morning all, years ago, I remember reading out here about a proposed set of USAF wings for firefighters. The center portion had crossed tools on it. As I recall, this was a proposal only - never officially approved for wear. I've spent a while searching for anything about these wings and I'm not finding it. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? If so, can you point me in the right direction? Someone on a Facebook page is trying to claim this badge design is being used in a newly proposed badge and I'm trying to give them the history. Thanks in advance! Peter
  3. Negative. USAF doesn't have gold colored badges.
  4. That certainly explains why I was never able to find an additional Schuetzenschnur (I know, wrong spelling, but I can't seem to paste the correct letter) for sale after I earned mine in Gold back in 2003.
  5. Nowadays, damn near everyone in the USAF has at least a SECRET clearance. Hell, they use the same process/investigation "rules" to allow folks access to Privacy Act information.
  6. Concur. They are plates for a printing press. My grandfather & his father were printers and I have MANY printing dies from their company.
  7. The "no star" enlisted stripes went away on June 1, 1991, along with the dual E-4 status, going instead to SrA only. I missed making Sgt by 1 month (I would've switched on July 1), which is how I remember the date. Before this point, the USAF pay grade of E-4 had 2 ranks: Senior Airman (no star - junior enlisted) and Sergeant (star - NCO status). Similar to the Army Specialist and Corporal both being E-4.
  8. #3... top right... if memory serves, that is worn by German civilians (similar to our GS employees) who work for the Security Forces Squadrons.
  9. Pretty common for plaques given for awards, PCSs, etc. Saw them all the time when I was stationed there.
  10. Here's the other thing... it's no longer a currently used uniform. It's not like you're trying to claim that you are something that you are not. I say wear it proudly!
  11. Agree that it was probably made as a means to bust someone's balls. Probably a kid with an attitude whom they dubbed the Chief Master Airman of the AF. The wreath around the star looks to be added on and is definitely off-center.
  12. I love the one for the 5th Joint Defense Space Communications Squadron! I've never seen that version for that unit... I own several, but not that one. For those that may not know, this unit was named as a Space Communications Squadron way back before the Defense Support Program was declassified. Later, it was renamed as the 5th Space Warning Squadron, which continued until that site closed in 1999.
  13. I've been to this cemetery... beautifully kept grounds, lots of history displayed... that just SUX that someone would be that disrespectful!!! Hell, even Nazi soldiers respected it as hallowed ground and would not enter during WWII.
  14. I know in most USAF units, the unit keeps a couple of each level of the common medals (Achievement, Commendation, etc.), that have an "easy on" clip, similar to what you see for a building access badge. These medals are used for the ceremony and, if it is the first award for the individual, a cased medal will be presented. This method has nothing to do with budget cutbacks. Rather, it has to do with having, in essence, a "prop" for the photo opportunity.
  15. The DMSM and the JSAM could've been earned at a NATO assignment and/or a Joint Service assignment. I earned 2 JSCM's at 2 different NATO postings. Given that there are only 1 of each "for points" medals, I would guess it belonged to a MSgt.
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