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  1. You’re right, there’s not much out there with photos, etc. There were a few early companies that made similar ones, plus some newer ones from Taiwan (usually stamped in the center of the head and sometimes ground away). If I’m not mistaken, the original leather carriers were stamped with the company name. The one shown could be a replacement.
  2. From the markings on the bottom of the lighter, it appears to date from 1967.
  3. Thank you, Allan. This does help greatly and answers some questions I had. One more question.... do you know who made the monthly entries into the book... the soldier or the pay officer? I am trying to compare handwriting and there seems to be a similarity but notice that there might be two different handwriting styles. Thanks!
  4. Does anyone know the procedure during WWII for paying soldiers? I know they had their own “Soldier’s Individual Pay Record Book” and believe they were paid monthly. Did each unit or battalion have their own paymaster (Finance Corps)? Did the soldier fill out his own book or did the paymaster make the entries and determine how much the soldier received and how much was sent home and then gave the book back to the soldier with his pay? Thanks!
  5. Very interesting. I am just starting to read up on the early formation of the Rangers (1942) and was not aware of the Ranger Schools. Thanks for posting.
  6. I have two camo straps... one Mitchell and the other frogskin pattern. I’ll take pics and post them.
  7. Jeff, thanks for the info. I’m glad you pointed out Gen. Erskine’s fourregere - I didn’t realize it was just one... I thought he was wearing two different ones. Great info also on the wearing of two loops.
  8. Great thread! Here are a couple that I have... Pall Mall has foil inner wrap and is a series 110... also shown with a micro 16 that would fit perfectly in an open pack. I’m not sure about the Melachrino Egyptian cigarettes... any idea of time period? Are the two small packs - Camels and Chesterfield - Vietnam era or just give-a-ways?
  9. Time for another couple of photos... Camo Cowboy
  10. Good looking! Does that stamp say “MRT”..? A lot of leather gear was treated with a mildew resistant treatment in the 1950’s or so.
  11. I agree, I always thought the No. 12 was too small. Here’s a screen pic that I found online. It shows two No. 12’s that were used on a PY boat.
  12. dh... I was just reading an article on restoring flags and saw a couple of photos of a No. 12 Mare Island ensign where they mentioned that this size flag was used on PT Boats. Is this correct? I was under the impression the PT boats used a larger flag. thanks!
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