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  1. Thinking of listing this for sale... but not sure of originality or time period. Thanks for looking!
  2. Here are a couple that I’m not sure of... The “star” is actually darker than it appears. I lightened the pic so you could see the threads. Thanks!
  3. He also doesn’t have any lapel insignia. They sure look like each other. Without seeing the other guys faces, it appears that these two are staring directly into the camera - and not just “eyes forward”.
  4. I believe the government had quite a few of these that were in storage and were put back into service during WWII. Front line troops did use the m1911a1 and secondary troops were probably issued revolvers. Many air crews were issued .38 caliber Victory revolvers. Great looking holster.. still has the toe plug!
  5. Just came across a photo online (I may have answered my own question .. or at least part of it). Photo caption says wearing it over the sleeve...
  6. I am sure there is a proper way to wear a Fourregere but I have seen photos of different ways. Some WWII photos show them under the armpit, others over. If a soldier qualified for three (Belgium, Holland, and the Croix de Guerre) would they all be on his left shoulder or not? If anyone has some photos feel free to post them! Thanks!
  7. Interesting...the eagle is looking “left”
  8. Owen, very cool... I really like the “pork pie”.... great pattern!
  9. O, it came with a veteran’s grouping that I got a few years ago.
  10. Great looking erdl’s! Here’s another “Brown Water Navy” beret, owned by a Swift Boat Quartermaster. He was medivac’d in February 1969 after a mine explosion on the water (PCF-67) 1968-69 Coastal Division 13 1972-76, PTF-25 CosRivRon 2
  11. The Trident looks fine, just a little bit worn. I believe the hallmark is for Vanguard, a military insignia manufacturer.
  12. I wondered about reenlistment... most times on Ancestry they show both dates and mention reenlistment. Thanks for checking, I appreciate it.
  13. I thought this one was going to be easy to research.. but, I’ve been on ancestry for the past hour or so and no luck so far. My Fold3 Subscription expired. Quite a bit of entries for the same name but have been Army veterans.. when I do find a promising one - it turns out the middle name doesn’t match. I did find a Navy Pharmacist Mate but it shows he enlisted in 1942. Does anyone have any thoughts of how I might find him? Thanks for looking.
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