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  1. Anyone run across these before? Pair of boat paddles OD green with stock #s but no US marking????
  2. Ed Wow!!! Is this one a Ft. Bragg find? Sweet helmet!!! Plan on making a trip down your way soon, I would love to see this one up close! Great find !!!!!!!!! Rob
  3. I had the same question about the highly decorated 16 year old reenactors. Some units allow members to wear the awards if they can prove a member of the family had won them, which made me feel alitle better about it.
  4. Lab's must have a thing for militaria, my black lab chewed off a chinstrap of a German Helmet and West-Pac tour jacket !!!!!
  5. How about this pair, one with Korea EGA stamp other hand drawn EGA with Marines name FLAGG. Wartime helmet cover????????????????
  6. You have sone great helmets!!! I love the salty navy, with blue paint!
  7. I like to hand painted liner, the paint on helmet shell is super!
  8. In 1985 myself and several other Marines were on a working party, stacking and counting Nam era flak jackets (It was hard with all those big numbers, that why the need for extra Marines) We wasted most of the day reading all the graffiti. One that I'll alway remember , a apple drawn on the back with a worm coming out of it showing it's middle finger. written above the apple " Eat the Apple and F-- the Corps!
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