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  1. if you want to get the royal blue paint of basically i just used sandpaper on mine and it worked great did not scratch it up at all
  2. you misunderstood me there is hardly any paint left on the thing I've cleaned it up and i got olive paint from krylon and i just put 2 coats on it and my grandpa got it from a guy who was gonna throw it away so he took it and gave it to me it's a nice helmet it has the liner but no netting or straps it has the liner with it is a capac helmet liner i don't know much about it but on the top of the symbol it has an 18 on it.
  3. my grandpa gave me a m1 helmet last night and i've been working on it all day i've got most of the rust off but how do i get the paint off of it can anyone help me
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