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  1. "Dark Blue World" also has some excellent flying scenes. They even used some footage from Battle of Britain! Nothing beats the real flying http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0stVlJXAsbQ
  2. The Pacific was much more about showing the individual soldier (Marine), the effects of war, the strains, struggles, and even the post war consequences it had on them. In that respect, The Pacific was miles better than BoB, and I enjoyed that a lot more than BoB. Not that I thought BoB was terrible, I just like seeing more about the people involved. This mini-series will be interesting for sure, I just wish they hadn't chosen the 8th AF, and instead brought light on some/one of the lesser known ones.
  3. I often see pictures of teenagers in SS uniforms, I often wonder if they have any idea what they are portraying, what their unit did, etc. I've even seen SS totenkopfverbände uniforms being worn. Maybe they should visit a KZ camp while they are wearing it and see what people think of that? Whether they are just ignorant, or neo-nazis, I sometimes wish I could give some people a kick in the arse through my computer screen... As for the medals, I'll leave it to the veterans. Frederik
  4. I was thinking more of the general conscious that westinghouse liners weren't used in Normandy, but if the M42 was used after Normandy it could work.
  5. I still see a lot of jackets being worn nowadays that are similar to WW2 designs, in fact I found one of my dads jackets in the attic the other day, which looked exactly like a tanker jacket. And thank you
  6. Thanks for the compliments! They certainly are great looking jackets, this will not be my last one Frederik
  7. I you want something to go with your M42 jacket, you should be looking at Inland para liners. Of course they do go for a lot of money, and as such are more faked. But it would be best for a Normandy impression Frederik
  8. My thought is that you can't expect anything reasonable from ebay... Just a few days ago, I was bidding on an item, which I kept getting outbid on (from when there was an hour left... It was only me and one bidder throughout, the other guy had 0 feedback) until it got to 200 dollars and it started to get pretty stupid, so stopped bidding up. 10 mins after the auction ended I got a message from the seller that the other guy backed out, and he offered to sell it to me for my highest bid... I just told him to piss off. But I actually left out the begining of the story. The item was listed wit
  9. Not sure what they go for, but it's not too much. I think you can find them in most surplus stores around the UK Frederik
  10. At least you didn't buy a kraut helmet and find out it was fake! That gets expensive...
  11. Definately a Danish made belt, not too sure about the canteen cover though, it looks a bit odd. You can see a Danish made one below, along with some other web gear with HTK markings Frederik
  12. Looks nice! I made a couple myself with some garden material. I put rags inside the liners so they aren't resting on sharp edges of the wood. Frederik
  13. 2 rolls of green scrim + 2 helmet nets... You can never go wrong with 2 helmet nets! Frederik
  14. There's a similar pattern in the "Helmets of the ETO" book, if I'm not mistaken Frederik
  15. Found a nice M41, it's in pretty good condition. There is a name in the collar, but it is too faded to make out, which is a shame. Insignia is in good condition, there's a little stain on the white part of the 69th SSI. Thought I would share it, I thought it was pretty neat since most 69th jackets you see are M43's. Frederik
  16. Got the helmet today, it's a front seam and the heat stamp is 1061. I took some pictures, but it might be a bit difficult to see because of the glare. The black paint was definately applied as a camouflage scheme, I'm just not sure when
  17. So might the Army/Police have taken Shotguns like the one I'm looking to buy, and fitted them with the barrel/bayonet fitting, if they were in need of some? It won't make me not want to buy it if that's not the case, just wondering.. Frederik
  18. So in your opinion, this one was made for the civilian market? Frederik
  19. Thank you! Yes it's in very nice shape, which was one of the things that worried me. Frederik
  20. This image decides it wants to rotate, I can't seem to turn it around...
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