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  1. Mr.Garandy, I found my solution. I have posted images of the final M1 Carbine with a M84 scope on a M3 mounting bar. Kaydees Dwight Brown
  2. M1Garandy, You were talking about a different scope an Alaskan M81 or a M82 scope. I don't believe these were available during late WWII or the Korean War. Tke scope I have for my M1 Carbine has a M94 Telescope. The same type used on the M1D. My Carbine is complete except for the scope rings that are 7/8 inches and mount on the M3 Infrared Night Vision Scope. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I thought we were talking about the same scope. I had to reread your prior post. Dwight
  3. M1 Garandy, These are images of the M84 Scope with the eye piece removed. Do you still think the rings will slide on. The rings need to be a Horizontal split the secure the scope to the M3 Infrared Scope mounting bar. This is an image of what the rings need to be. Kaydee Dwight Brown kaydees@embarqmail.com 352-205-8536
  4. Look at my second image of the M1C and the M1D, then look at my first image of my 1903A4. You will see the scopes are totally different. There is no way that that you would be able to slide the Type 82 and the Type 84 scope through the vertical split rings. The rings for the type 82 and the Type 84 scope have to be Horizontal split. kaydee
  5. Can anyone tell me what type of Scope rings were used to attach the 7/8 inch scope to the M3 infrared Scope mount.
  6. I spent four years in South Korea 1974 through 1977 and my wife of 45 years is Korean. Because of this time I became interested in the Korean War. That is when I learned the Chinese and Russians gave the spoils of WWII to North Korean. The North Koreans used those Weapons to attack South Korea. That is how my collection got started. Dwight
  7. Only one is a 1953, the others are all WWII 1942, 1943, 1944 and the M1 C and the M1 D are also WWII. Dwight
  8. Ok, These are old images and covers only about half of my collection, Kaydee Dwight Brown
  9. Suncance, No, I don't own that M1 Carbine. That is an image I got off the Web. I had heard a lot about a M1 Carbine that was modified for the use of a M82 or M84 scope. I had never seen much about it, so I was researching to find more information. Still don't know where the were made and if they were made for military use. Because of the parts used from the M3 Infrared Sniper Scope, I thinks it was either the end of WWII or the Korean War. I do know that Rock Island Auction did auction some of the off. I could only go back to december 2009 and one sold for $6,325.00 plus the commissi
  10. Thanks for all the information. Sundance. I got the information off of a Web site. Doctorofwar, I thought it had to be Post WWII because of the Infrared parts used. I actually found several that sold on Rock Island Auctions in the past.
  11. Suncance, I am not sure but I did find this information. Origin United States Weapon Type Sniper Rifle Production and Service Designer Inland Manufacturer Military Contractors Used by United States Army Specifications Weight (2.6 kg) (5.8 lbs) Length (39 1/4 inches) (996.95 MM) Barrel Length (46 cm) (18 in) Caliber (.308 in) (7.8 mm) Cartridge/Ammunition .30 Carbine Action Semi-Auto or Auto Select Feed System 15-round box magazine Sight System Iron Front / Rear M3 Scope Bar with Barrel Band Effective Range (180m) (200 y
  12. I am looking for information on a M1 Carbine that was either Manufactured for the Military or was a WWII or Korean War Field Modification. The M1 Carbine used an Inland M1 Carbine. The rear sight was removed and a M3 Sight Bar was installed with the Front Barrel Band and used the front hand guard for the M3. Then the M82 or M84 Sniper Telescope was used. See Attached image.
  13. This a Display I created for the United States Military Warrant Officer. Kaydee Dwight Brown
  14. Thanks, The more information the better. I am glad I posted my question on this forum. kaydees@embarqmail.com
  15. Thanks, for the information. I know these Snap Hooks are really hard to time finding information for more the M1 Garand and the M1 Carbine and at least find them at all. I was really surprised to find a stamp on the Snap Hook. The larger one, 3/4 inch X 3 inch, did not have a stamp. At least I know these were original. Thanks, Dwight Brown Kaydees@embarqmail.com
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