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  1. Several years ago I purchased a small grouping of two brothers, Nicholas Musulin (Air Corps) and his brother, the noted OSS operative Geroge Musulin. George was part of Operation Halyard, in which over 400 American airmen were airlifted from Yugoslavia to Italy, Alonf with George's tunic was a small baggie of various insignia, etc. Among them were these two items. I suspect the larger piece is post-war, and part of a larger item - a medal? The other looks like a small pin with a soldier (?Washington?) on the front... Any help appreciated! (Sorry, but when I tried to upload the smaller pin, it would not upload it saying the file was too large so I had to make it smaller!!) Thanks, Melanie
  2. Sorry, may be I missed something... I have a MacBook Pro and am having a really hard time posting images. I did not use the resizing tool at first, but manually resized the photos to less than 110K and the first two uploaded, then the third one (resized down to 40-some K in size) would not upload because the "file was too large"! So I tried the resizing tool and thought aha, this is it, this will do it - but when I chose a photo I had two choices, one was a default save as a "text edit" and the other was a download save - both of which looked like gibberish. I did not get a choice as to where to save, it just was two choices... Please help, what am I doing wrong?
  3. Here he goes again... http://www.ebay.com/itm/WW-2-USAAF-Navigators-Grouping-Uniforms-and-A-2-Jacket-Named/253036973147
  4. Hi Allen Thanks for the information! I tried to increase the contrast in the photo, but the original document was poorly readable as you can see. How can I add photos from my computer instead of photobucket? Melanie
  5. Well, after a few years, I finally got around to ordering the records, and this is all I received. I'm confused by it, can anyone help decipher what happened? Looks like he became a warrant officer, but the rest of the story seems to be missing...
  6. I also try to keep everything together whenever it is possible. I can think of one instance about 2 years ago where the belongings of a POW were being parceled out on ebay. I had privately purchased a large group of POW correspondence for a lot of money, and the sellers knew of my desire to keep the remaining items together, but had quoted me an exorbitant price to privately purchase the remainder. When I refused to pay the price, they parceled out the remaining items on Ebay. I bid and won on all the separate lots and ended up getting everything for a great price - far, far less than what they had wanted for everything! There was another instance recently where a dealer was selling off POW items literally bit by bit. A couple of folks were bidding against each other to get as much of the collection as possible, and that drove the price of each item waaaay up. They each had had to pay ridiculous prices for each piece. The seller made a small fortune, but sadly, the entire collection was broken up.
  7. He's proving to be a tough nut to crack. Best I can tell you with a quickie search is that he is listed as "Jacob Soloman" in NARA records. He was living in St. Tammany Parish in LA in 1930 and 1940, and must have gone by his middle name, in both the 1930 and1940 census records he is listed as "Lester Solomon". He was born in 1922. Oh, one more thing. In one 1940 directory, he is living in Shreveport under the name Jacob L. Soloman and is listed as a student.
  8. I don't know anything, really, about tags...but I find it REALLY unusual that every single one of these has sand encrusted on them. What is the likelihood of that, almost 70 years later, and after having been handled? EVERY ONE of them???
  9. Another awesome grouping, Kurt! (said with much admiration and a touch of envy!!) Melanie
  10. Definitely post-war. More than likely had a brown, polished cotton fabric lining the crown (check under the sweatband and see if you can see any remnants of such). A GAR cap. Melanie
  11. Hi Long, Your soldier may well be "Robert C. Armstead" If you google hime you will see that he remained in the Corps and retired a Lt.-Col. ARMSTEAD, ROBERT C 2D LT USMC USN/USMC 1942 Melanie
  12. Well....mine are even worse - more large gaping tears in the legs! But, I suppose it's true, they aren't making any more. If there is a way of repairing them that would not cost too much (just well enough to make them more displayable, if nothing else) then perhaps that's worth pursuing. I got both the jacket and the pants for 350, which I don't think was a bad price, especially since the price on these jackets seems to be creeping ever upward... Melanie
  13. That's good to know... what would a "decent" pair cost? (By decent, I mean well-used but not ripped and torn like these are...) Are the A-3 the earlier pants? Thanks!
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