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  1. Thanks for the info. I have been looking for a tripod.
  2. Hubert Hawkins from my hometown of Travelers Rest, SC died in the battle. He was on the Samuel B. Roberts.
  3. Has anyone done interviews with veterans using a Flip camera?
  4. I am seeking information on the role of the Boy Scouts during WWI and WWII for some research that I am doing? Does anyone have a story, information, pictures, list of resources, etc. to share?
  5. Tonight at our Sons of the American Legion meeting our speaker was a man who claims that he sent the military the idea for the dummy parachutes when he was a teenaged Boy Scout in 1942. He sent the idea after seeing a poster in his school about coming up with inventions to help win the war. He has been interviewed by the media over the years and has a scrapbook of articles written about him.
  6. Does it have info on the Corsair pilots that were on the USS Franklin?
  7. I use the Internet but mainly to find sources for out-of-print military related books I want to buy and read. I recently went to buy five new bookshelves and had to go all over the country to find a store that even sold ones that were worth having.
  8. Does anyone know of any military dealers in north Georgia?
  9. Thanks for the information. I plan to go ahead and get the uniform.
  10. I purchased a book today at an antique store titled Young American Patriots: The Youth of South Carolina in World War II. It has pictures of men and women from SC who served in WWII. It was published by National Publishing Co. in 1950. It includes an honor list of the dead and missing of WWII that were from SC. Does anyone know if this type of book was published for any other state? I am especially interested in finding out if one was published for North Carolina.
  11. I am a history teacher and since 1994 I have been working with students as well as on my own to do interviews with veterans. I have been on hundreds of interviews. In every interview I learn something new. Sitting down with a veteran and talking with him/her about his/her military experiences is like reading a good history book. In 1995 I edited a book of interviews done by students across the state of South Carolina. The book was published in 1995. The title is South Carolina Remembers World War II. It includes interviews with men and women who served overseas as well as on the homefront. One
  12. The dress is gray with pointed collars. It is id'ed to a woman whose husband's navy uniform I already have. I know he served in the Navy during the Vietnam War. I have two of his cruise books. A former neighbor thinks she served from 1952-1954.
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