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  1. Sivart, The ribbon is for the RVN Staff Service Medal, 1st Class. Robin
  2. That's probably the reason this one went for so little. There is no way to ID which state this came from. From what I've seen, only 3 medals from the OK NG have any writting/inscription on the back; Murrah Federal Building Service Medal Selected Reserve Force Medal and the 1st issue of the Operation Desert Storm Medal In fact, 6 of the medals issued by the OK NG do not ID which state they are from, including the Distinguished Service Cross, their highest award. Robin
  3. Here's a picture of one of the better looking Mexican Border Service Medals issued by the various states. I was fortunate enough to pick this up on Ebay early last year. I noticed that there aren't too many National Guard medals pictured, so thought I show one of my favorites from my collection. If there is any interrest in NG medals, I would be happy to post more. Robin
  4. The manual is from 1998. This is the most current version of the PA NG Awards manual. Altho, I would think that they would be revising it in the near future (as most of the states are). One of the interresting things about the PA NG Awards manual is that the Governor's Unit Cititation is not included, but has it's own regulations. In fact, when I first contacted them, the gentleman I spoke with was un-aware of that award. He had to check with another department before finding the regulations for it! Robin
  5. Hi Sarge, The Illinois Marksmanship badge is the Type I version. To my knowledge there were 3 different versions of the badge. On the California medals: Row 1 - Spanish-American War Service, Service Medal (Type I, Ribbon A), Service Medal (Type I, Ribbon and Order of California (Type I) (There are 3 different Types of this award). Row 2 - Military Cross, Service Medal (Type II), Good Conduct Medal Row 3 - Medal of Valor (Type I) (Type II is a Neck Ribbon award and different planchet), Medal of Merit (Type I), Commendation Medal, Good Conduct Medal Hope this helps you out. Robin
  6. Here's a pic of the Stewart Medal, Type II with the correct ribbon:
  7. Here's the Stewart Medal, Type I, Gold for 5 Years service:
  8. Here's the Stewart Medal, Type I, Silver for 3 Years Service:
  9. Here's a picture of the Stewart Medal, Type I, Bronze - 1 Year Service:
  10. Hi, The medal is the General Stewart Medal, Type II, while the ribbon is for the Type I medal. Here's the criteria for the medal from the PMR 672-1, dated 01 May 98: General Thomas J. Stewart Medal a. The General Thomas J. Stewart Medal will be awarded by The Adjutant General of Pennsylvania to eligible members of the Pennsylvania National Guard for excellence in the performance of duties while assigned to any unit of the Pennsylvania National Guard. A prerequisite for the award is one hundred percent attendance at all unit training assemblies and annual training during a training year (Oct-Sep). Constructive credit for annual training while on ADT/ADSW is qualifying service for this award. b. Award will be made upon recommendation of the member’s unit commander by letter in two copies after the end of the training year to: The Adjutant General of Pennsylvania, ATIW: MP-PSB. Only one of these medals will be awarded to any one individual. Robin
  11. Last, but not least, is the patch from RTC Orlando, Florida. I went thru the Personnelman "A" School at Orlando in November & December of '72.
  12. Here's the patch from NTC Great Lakes, Illinois where I spent the 1st 4 years of my enlistment at (and where 3 of my kids were born).
  13. I spent one year at NAS Dallas and managed to grab up one of the patches. Pretty rare, as very few people at NAS Dallas were even aware of it's existance. Also, here's the patch from the USS Nicholson DD-982. The ship was named after two brothers, James & David Nicholson (my family is decended from David Nicholson if I recall). I contacted the ship back in '82 and asked for a patch as it's named for one of my ancestors. The captain of the ship sent me the patch listed, as well as the Commissioning Ceremony book autographed by the captain & his XO. They also made me an honorary Plank Owner of the ship (have the certificate around somewhere).
  14. There was also a white backed version of the patch for officers.
  15. Here's the patch for the Navy Recruiting Command in black. We were allowed to wear this on our Dungaree coat.
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