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  1. This is great info. Esp. the word "World's", which points this towards being done in the 1920s. The flowers also remind me of folky art from the 1920s
  2. Over the years I have seen these "non-comforming" painted lids. I want to say that the crude EGA on this lid look very familiar. Like others have said, who knows when it was painted? Only clue that I see, "World's War", I believe it WW1 was always refered to as The Great War until the start of the 2nd??
  3. EGA is from the 1930s. Screw hole was done with drill and is bright and shiny. Photos are awful
  4. 1920 em EGAS should be posted in EGA Forum section https://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/forum/1472-marine-corps-ega-discussion/ Also alot of this info can be found here https://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/forum/390-ega-reference-gary-mohrlang-memorial-section-ref/ The above books that Chuck posted are a must
  5. 1. EM 1930 cover emblem 2. EM 1908 cover emlem, pre WW1 saw use into the war 5. Officers style dress cover emblem. Sweetheart piece. WW2 era 6. Officers service emblem post WW2 indicated by serial number
  6. Very sorry to hear this. I only knew Bob from the Forum but have personally enjoyed and learned from his posts since 2008. His threads were of the highest quality. I was always amazed by the items and research that was in his care. The Hang Chow Houseboat thread will always be a favorite, I manage to revist it every year. Thanks Bob for all that you shared with us on the Forum, you will be missed. My condolences to his family and friends.
  7. That is wild! Hard to believe that survived. Really cool to see
  8. Not at all. Just felt the need to provide the background. It's wild to see it again. I always wondered when I would see an item that I previously owned come back altered. As I've seen this happen numerous times on the Forum. Who's selling this?
  9. I use to own this, when it looked like the above, minus the additions. Probably sold it in 2010. Sucks to see this done and reminds me why I never really got into uniforms as they seem to prone to being messed with.
  10. Great finds! I'm going to assume these belonged to the same officer, if these found at the same place? Check for a name on the sweatband. Might be worth it to ask the person who sold them where they came from, to try to pin down the officer.
  11. From what little I know. The general distinction between ebay sales and garage sales is capital gains. The majority of items being sold at a garage sale are valued way less then they were bought for. Ebay items turn a profit, unless your me Not that I'm happy about this, as it has put the breaks on me buying. I do wonder how the collecting market will respond?
  12. Thanks for sharing this. What a great image and man, who had a "pair" made of steel.
  13. Thanks for that post. Love info like that. Always amazed that people lived so long in those days, goes against what everyone says about life expectancy's.
  14. The portrait is John Biddle by Thomas Sully https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Biddle_(Michigan_politician)
  15. I believe you have Commandant David M Shoup's bag!!!!
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